Snow Day Essentials and Tips

When Winter Storm Jonas hit the area, my workplace (and many places in DC) closed their offices and I have since had the last few days either off or have been coming into work after a delay. In fact, even today, our office is opening at 11am! To say I'm starting to get a bit str-crazy would be an accurate statement. 
I also think it's safe to say I've learned a few lessons on how to best deal with the snow (and cabin fever) and I'd like to share some of these tips with you:
  • Buy supplies and groceries ahead of time: The snow started to fall on Friday at noon and I knew Thursday night would be the worst time to go pick up anything at any store because the lines would be crazy and inventory would be limited. In fact my friend went to a Safeway on Friday at 10am and told me that it was just chaos. I decided to skip the lines and went to buy my supplies on Wednesday during my lunch break (I live within a few blocks of my workplace and the grocery store!)
  • Check your generator and your backup: The worst thing to happen during a snowstorm is losing power in the middle of it. Make sure that you're covered there! Luckily, the power lines in my apartment building are underground so I didn't have to worry too much about losing power. 
  • Come up with activities to do: I gifted my roommates adult coloring books and we all broke ours out during the heaviest part of the snow storm. I also blogged a lot and go caught up on a my TV shows. There's a bar right next door to my building that was open so my roommates and I went there on Saturday night because we were sick of staying in. It's so easy to get restless when you're stuck indoors so have a plan for when you start getting bored. On that note...
  • If you live with roommates, find a way to not drive each other crazy: My roommates are such fantastic people so we weren't really getting on each others' nerves or anything but I think if were stuck indoors for longer than we were, anybody would start to grate on each others' nerves. Go to your room or your corner when you need some alone time. You guys don't have to spend all your time together just because you live with each other.
For those of you guys who are more used to having snow days, what are some of your tips and essentials? Share your thoughts and help us all better prepare for next year! 


  1. nice post!

  2. Adult coloring book sounds like a great idea. :-)

  3. These are good tips! :)

    Although we don't have snow days here we do have some severe storms on the way so the basics still apply - stock up ahead of time on non-perishables, and be prepared to stay home and ride it out. I'm actually going out this afternoon and I'm hoping that the storms will hold out until I make it home again!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Sounds like you neverthelesse managed the snow very well and it is a fantastic idea to share here your tips what to do during a snow storm! I think being well prepared makes indeed absolutely sense. Hopefully now the snowing and the storm stopped ... Have an as happy weekend as possible!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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