Aftermath | Puffer Coat and Plaid Scarf

Hello lovelies!
As you can see, I've finally run out of photos of outfits I took pre-Jonas. I am now back to wearing my puffy down coats and all-weather boots to get through aftermath. Luckily, it's been quite warm lately (well, warmer than it was, if you can call 42F warm) and this coat hasn't been taken out as often but, I'm glad I have it. 
A purchase I'm happy to have made has been this tartan blanket scarf! I've had my eye out for the perfect plaid oversized scarf and I happily snatched it right up during the same Zara sale I got my coat in! I went to Zara on the Tuesday after the blizzard because I had the day off. Our office was closed because the snow still hadn't been completely cleared in some areas, but luckily, my neighborhood in DC was cleared enough. I had been getting a bit stir-crazy anyway so I was itching to take a walk and breath fresh air. I had heard that Zara was having a sale from Yige so I ventured into one that was nearby and boy was that place empty! I think I was one of maybe 5 people in the entire store, excluding the employees. The streets were pretty dead and the areas here and there that hadn't been shoveled were being avoided like the plague. So I guess it made sense no one was crazy enough like me to go shopping on a snow day. Still, I'd rather it be isolated than packed in the store (I'm not a big fan of crowds) so I would say it was a pretty good shopping trip. 
It's interesting seeing the aftermath of a snow storm in the city. I think just because DC is more densely populated than in the suburbs, the snow can get cleared a bit more quickly. My parents live in Maryland and they were telling me the snow plow trucks didn't come to their neighborhood until Tuesday, in fact. A full two days after the snow stopped! It's no wonder a lot of offices decided to close for a few days after the blizzard so that people could drive in safer conditions. The DC metropolitan area is just really ill-equipped at handling the snow. 

Do any of you guys live in one of the areas that got hit with Jonas? Tell me about the aftermath in your city! Id love hear about your experiences!

Top: Forever 21 sweater, Zara coat (similar here)
Bottoms: H&M 
Accessories: Zara tartan scarf (similar here), vintage sunglasses
Shoes: Gap boots (similar here)


  1. Hope you're staying warm!! Love the plaid scarf!

  2. Looks like you really lucked out with the extra day off! I just went into Zara and wanted so many of their sale items. Unfortunately, unlike your experience, the store was PACKED and I just knew it wasn't THAT IMPORTANT I buy a sale-tee shirt. I have been watching their winter coats become cheaper and cheaper. I feel like if I wait any longer I'll miss my chance. 70%/80% OFF is about as low as any store will go! I just can't decided what I want!!

    -Stephanie Eva


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