Product Review: TonyMoly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream

It's no secret I love TonyMoly products: They're affordable, they're quality, and they come in the cutest packaging ever! I am really happy that Korean beauty products are becoming more accessible worldwide because they've been quite good to me and my skin. I picked out this hand lotion at Urban Outfitters when I ran out of my last tube of L'Occitane hand lotion. Read on to hear my thoughts on TonyMoly's Panda's Dream White Hand Cream:

Packaging: Like I said before, one of TonyMoly's strong suits is that their products come in the cutest packaging ever! Honestly, the only reason I picked this up over my usual L'Occitane hand lotion is because of the cute panda! It's also quite sturdy when closed and contains a lot due to the round shape. I can get every last scoop because it's not in a tube! That said, it's not as portable because of it's shape either. Unlike most of my tubed hand lotions, I can't exactly throw this into my crossbody bag and take it with me. I'm docking a point for that but otherwise, I quite like it. 4/5
Formula: Now to the important part - how well the product itself works! I have found it quite moisturizing and once I apply it thoroughly, I don't need to go back again until much later. The scent is lovely too without being overpowering, kind of sweet and a little bit fruity. It's also not greasy which is important to me. 5/5
Price: I paid about $12 for this which, compared to L'Occitane hand lotions are a bit pricier but not by much. It's pretty standard pricing for what it is. 3/5
I would absolutely repurchase this once I run out and I highly recommend this to everyone!


  1. Such a cute packaging!

  2. I'm pretty much sold, based on the packaging alone. So cute!

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