Book Club: Eleanor & Park

To be honest, I normally don't read a lot of Young Adult novels but after hearing so many good reviews about this one, and Rainbow Rowell in general, I decided to give it a shot. I couldn't put it down and I can't wait to share my review of this book with you guys today!
Eleanor & Park
By Rainbow Rowell

I'm not one to sit and enjoy reading sappy love stories. Call me unromantic but that's just not who I am. And while I enjoyed YA books when I was a teenager, most of the things teenagers do and say annoy me now that I'm a cranky twenty-something. When my friend recommended this book, I was immediately turned off by the teenage puppy love angle but after her insistence, I picked up a copy and gave it a read. 
It was delightful!

Sunday Brunch | Floral Dress and Denim Jacket

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you had a great Easter for those who celebrate it!
This past Sunday also happened to be my mother's birthday! I went home and we took her out to brunch and it was such a great day for it too - the weather was quite nice out in Maryland! 
Speaking of nice weather, the cherry blossoms in DC have started to bloom, albeit probably two weeks early. No complaints here though. They're so pretty to look at. I'm planning a trip to the cherry blossom festival next week so I can't wait for that!

Spring Uniform | White Jeans and Polka Dots

Happy Wednesday lovelies!
As a follow-up from yesterday’s post on finding the perfect pair of white jeans, here are mine in all their glory! I can see this outfit being a regular appearance in my life outside the blog this spring because it’s so effortless but complete with wardrobe staples. Denim jacket? Check. Navy polka dotted shirt? Check. Leopard shoes? Double check. Well-fitting white jeans? A very happy check!

What to Look For When Buying White Jeans

With last Sunday being officially the first day of Spring, it's safe to say white jeans will be back to play!
I have had the hardest time buying a pair of white jeans because let's be honest: a flattering pair of white jeans are so hard to find. Everyone's body is different and what may be the HG white jeans on one person may be a fit disaster on another. I went on the hunt for a nice pair of white jeans that I could throw on this spring and summer and here are some things I think you should think about when you go shopping for white jeans:

National Flower Day| Rose Dress and Gray Chucks

After a busy week with doing extra repairs on my laptop and a bout of the stomach flu, I’m finally back with an all new post!
Today is National Flower Day and I’m celebrating by wearing my floral dress last seen here. I decided to wear these with a pair of Chucks this time instead of heeled boots. Ever since David Tennant popularized the whole suit-with-trainers look, I’ve loved the idea of wearing nice clothes with casual shoes! The juxtaposition creates an interesting aesthetic that makes it easy to dress down formal-wear.

Too Close to Home | Olive Jacket and Leopard Pumps

Hello beauties!
I have way too many moments where I have to put my foot in my mouth. Case in point, my Mardi Gras party story told here. I had another one of these last week at work. I work with a lot of lawyers and lobbyists, most of whom wear business attire even on casual Friday. I thought it would be a funny joke to loudly ask one of the senior directors at work, “Hey! How’d the job interview go?” when he walked in in the afternoon in a full suit. While he usually had a great sense of humor, he gave me a funny look that day and walked off. I found out this week that he’s actually leaving our organization and there’s a very real chance he actually was at a job interview the day I asked him! *facepalm*

Top 5 Favorite Books from Childhood

I've always been an avid reader and this month, I'm revisiting some of my old favorites. Someone told me that reading the Harry Potter series as an adult is incredibly different from reading them as a child and as I started rereading Philosopher's Stone I've been thinking about some of the books I've loved growing up. Here are my top 5:

Scallops and Roses | Scalloped Florals and Studded Heels

I'm finally back!
I apologize for the lack of posts! My laptop decided to just die on me and unfortunately I hadn't backed up my hard drive so while I was getting that repaired, I started writing a ton of posts that I have lined up for this week. I'm actually quite excited for you all to read them!
For today's OOTD though I pulled out this super cute dress from TOBI I bought before Lent. I had been dying to wear it but the weather just wasn't nice enough. I can already tell that it will be a piece I reach for often this spring! The florals and the scallops are just too cute. I will say for those of you thinking of purchasing this dress, it's really short! I was surprised by the length because like I said about my Choies dress, I usually never have that problem. I got a different dress from them in a size up but then while the length was perfect, the fit was far too loose. Just something to keep in mind. people can't usually tell how short this dress is though unless I reach for something but this was a great piece for date night at a wine bar last weekend!