Too Close to Home | Olive Jacket and Leopard Pumps

Hello beauties!
I have way too many moments where I have to put my foot in my mouth. Case in point, my Mardi Gras party story told here. I had another one of these last week at work. I work with a lot of lawyers and lobbyists, most of whom wear business attire even on casual Friday. I thought it would be a funny joke to loudly ask one of the senior directors at work, “Hey! How’d the job interview go?” when he walked in in the afternoon in a full suit. While he usually had a great sense of humor, he gave me a funny look that day and walked off. I found out this week that he’s actually leaving our organization and there’s a very real chance he actually was at a job interview the day I asked him! *facepalm*
On a sartorial note, I am pulling out my olive utility jacket over more formal work-wear pieces. We are expecting temperatures to be in the high 70s (which I can't stress how happy I am about) but the mornings are quite cold, hence the jacket. I actually find that olive is a great seasonal transition color and I love the way such a cool jacket looks paired with business separates. I also find that leopard and olive go together so well so adding these Sole Society pumps seemed appropriate.

So tell me about some of the times you've talked too fast and got yourself into an awkward situation. I can't be the only one out there constantly saying the wrong thing, right?

Top: H&M shirt, Forever 21 jacket (similar here)
Bottoms: J.Crew minnie pants
Accessories: Tory Burch York tote, Forever 21 necklace (similar here)
Shoes: Sole Society Jenn pumps


  1. Really love the outfit :3

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  2. Great outfit dear ^^ I love your jacket and your leopard print heels as well.

    xoxo from Paris

  3. Such a perfect look! I totally love the shoes!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  4. No, not recent foot-in-mouth scenarios but it's happened a lot in the past. And they're not quite something you can avoid since you don't really know the premise behind everyone's story. Poor him. Poor you #awkward

    In other news though, I'm such a big fan of your outfit. I love mixed-media jackets, and yours is the perfect blend of utilitarian with punk.

  5. I dont't know why but i always loved the combination of army green and leo print. I am totally digging this look!

  6. haha yes I'm guilty of saying the wrong thing sometimes too! :) I think it's human nature!

    Love the little details in your outfit - like the printed heels and the studs on your jacket. Really nice combination :)

    Away From The Blue Blog


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