What to Look For When Buying White Jeans

With last Sunday being officially the first day of Spring, it's safe to say white jeans will be back to play!
I have had the hardest time buying a pair of white jeans because let's be honest: a flattering pair of white jeans are so hard to find. Everyone's body is different and what may be the HG white jeans on one person may be a fit disaster on another. I went on the hunt for a nice pair of white jeans that I could throw on this spring and summer and here are some things I think you should think about when you go shopping for white jeans:

  1. Stretch: I ALWAYS buy jeans with stretch, even non-white ones. With white jeans, I would say they're especially important because they'll keep you comfortable. Trust me, I've worn white jeans with very little stretch and they will forever give me muffin top nightmares!
  2. Length and Silhouette: During my journey to find my Holy Grail of white jeans, I've noticed a a popular trend was cropped denim. While I personally didn't want to buy a pair of white jeans that came pre-cropped, the length should be something to keep in mind. Floor-grazing flares, skinny, pixie-cut - find a cut and style that is most flattering on you.
  3. Opacity: Opaque jeans are the best jeans! I'm definitely not one to push the envelope when it comes to white jeans but I've definitely tried on a pair of white jeans that showed the outline of my white underpants I was wearing. No way, José! When shopping for white jeans, try wearing a few different types of underwear (in terms of style and color) to check how see-through the material is.
  4. Low-Maintenance: White jeans are known to attract stains like no other but lately, they've come up with ways to repel some stains. If you can find a pair of jeans that are perhaps coated or come with stain repellants, you should certainly consider it.
So tell me about your experiences with white jeans! Where did you get yours from and do you have any tips on what to look for when you shope for one? Share your knowledge in the comments!


  1. I love all of these tips! I have a pair of white jeans that I liked-- until I saw myself in a picture wearing them and realized they weren't the most flattering, so I'm on the hunt for a new pair this year!

  2. These are great tips! Shopping for white jeans can be so hard!!

  3. Such good tips! I have been on the hunt for a perfect pair of white jeans for so long! I agree- stretch is key.

    xx Gabriella


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