April Bucket List

Happy April everyone!
I had been way too busy do one of these monthly bucket lists for February and March but I had been determined to do one and complete as much as I can for April. The weather has been getting nicer and nicer making me want to go outside and actually complete activities! So without further ado, here are some of the items on my bucket list this month:

  1. Go to the National Cherry Blossom Festival: DC hosts an amazing Cherry Blossom festival and it's always phenomenal! I don't intend to miss it this year!
  2. Spring clean: I noticed a lot of items in my closet I haven't worn in years. Sometimes I don't know why I keep holding on to some items but I think this is the year I let some of them go. 
  3. Share a home-cooked Korean meal: I'm ethnically Korean but since moving out of my parents' home, I've rarely had a chance to eat it. I'm going to learn some of the recipes I grew up on and share it with friends and loved ones
  4. Go antiquing: Going along with spring cleaning, I would love to add a couple of antique items to spruce up my place
  5. Go to a farmer's market: Spring means farmers markets are back! I'm excited to sample some of the fresh produce that'll be back in town
  6. Go to the flea market at Eastern Market: I LOVE going to the flea market and the one at Eastern Market here in DC is always fun to visit. 
Thanks for reading! What are some of the things on your bucket list this month?


  1. Those plans sound so lovely! I wish we had more cherry blossom trees in Riga, because the ones we have are very, very small. But I always love looking at pictures of big sakuras as they are breathtaking Have fun!
    And, yesss, spring cleaning is something I should really do myself - I have way, way too much stuff... :/


  2. Ahhh I want to go to the cherry blossom festival too! One of these years I WILL get to DC! (and whenever that is, we're having brunch haha)

    Something About That

  3. Amazing list dear!
    Mónica Sors

  4. I'm dying to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival at some point in my life. And a home cooked Korean meal sounds incredible!


Thank you for your comments! I read every single one :]