Inappropriate | Chunky Sweater and White Denim

Happy Thursday, lovelies!

I've been having a lot of conversations with various people regarding "appropriate dress." Perhaps it's because of some of the internship interviews we've been booking lately but it sometimes seems like people don't know how to dress appropriately for the occasion.
Before I go on further, I can't emphasize enough how I'm a firm believer in experimentation and wearing whatever makes you happy. That said, I also think it's important to be mindful of your surroundings and the occasion. I don't think that wearing a mini skirt to a job or internship interview is appropriate, even if they do show off your fantastic legs. I think there's a time and place for certain clothes and it takes some tries to figure out what items are good for where.
This is also an interesting topic for me because a lot of times it segues into a conversation about school dress codes and language. What is "school-appropriate?" What is "distracting?" I would completely agree that a lot of the language used to define school dress codes are rather sexist and tends to targets girls, but I also think it's important for everyone to come to school dressed in such a way that respects the teachers who usually take the time to dress professionally and do their jobs as well.

What are your thoughts on appropriate dress?

Top: Forever 21 (similar here)
Bottoms: J.Crew toothpick jeans
Accessories: Zara bag (similar here), LOFT sunglasses
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)


  1. Cute outfit! I like how bright and clean this looks.

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  2. Your sweater is so cute, I love the soft blush color!

  3. I love the colour palette of this outfit!
    I'm a firm believer in wearing what you want too, but you do have to be mindful of your surroundings especially in job situations haha.

  4. nice look. absolutely in love with the Zara bag :)
    harmony ootd

  5. i agree with you... altho i did have many "inappropriate" moments in the past. one time i went to the amusement park wearing heels because i wanted to look tall all the time (im fun size so :P) it was such a wrong move lol. now i learn to dress down when its needed. ps. i like how your bag always match your outfit deb - you must have a huge bag collection :)

  6. Dear Deborah, I know what you mean! E. g. for me it is also not appropriate to wear a mini skirt for a job interview and I think further too deep décolleté are not a really good idea at work ... But your look is appropriate for a stylish and beautiful woman as you are <3 I like it!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. I really like this look and it's tones :)

  8. I love this. I really wish I were "able" to wear lighter creams and whites sometimes. I wear a lot of black because I drink a lot of coffee and it inevitably drips!! I agree, it's important to consider surroundings when putting together a look. A lot of times I feel like my idea of what is "appropriate" is much more conservative than that of society's taste.
    OH, and I like black and don't think of it as a "mourning" color. Some people would think my style inappropriate no matter what/where... LOL. It's certainly a topic to talk about that can go on forever!

    MUCH LOVE!!!
    -Stephanie Eva


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