Richmond, Virginia | Sweater Swing Dress and Floral Scarf

As I said in a previous post, I took a quick trip to Richmond, VA this weekend, thus fulfilling another item on this month's bucket list - taking a random trip! My boyfriend and I are big history buffs and we wanted this to be a brief weekend excursion. While a lot of ideas were thrown around (Philadelphia and Miami, for instance), we agreed on Richmond for it's access to a train station (Brian likes train travel), and its rich history. We had such an amazing time and I wanted to share some photos from our adventures!
My second day touring I opted for this sweater swing dress. I liked the cut out details and the fact that it had a lot of give in the waist so it was perfectly comfortable for walking and eating. It was a colder and windy day, despite the sun, so I brought a pair of tights and a floral scarf. 
We made our way to Carytown, a retail district in Richmond built in the late 1920's. They had a lot of interesting boutiques and graffiti but we managed to find the farmer's market and went to town! I bought a thai coffee and browsed through some of the handmade soaps section. 

Brian and I also visited the famous Jefferson hotel! It was a gorgeous building but we didn't realize there would be a college graduation happening so there were a LOT of families and little space for the two of us. Still, we snapped these pictures in the garden. There were a few sculptures of alligators around and I found out that back in the 1800s to the early 1900s, guests used to bring their pet alligators from Florida to swim in their pools! 

We ditched the hotel and made our way to a brewery called Triple Crossing. We tried a few beers and spent a leisurely hour catching a break. 

...and we finally ended our trip with dinner at The Tobacco Company Restaurant! This place was built in the area where traditionally many of the tobacco businesses thrived. According to their website, the district was reduced to rubble during the Civil War and rebuilt in the 70s. The Tobacco Company Restaurant had a very Victorian feel with its three-story atrium and antique elevator! They even had a smoking room (naturally) decorated in leopard print! I'm not a smoker but wow!

That concludes our trip! Below is a map of the places we went (in case any of you are planning a trip out there).

Thanks for reading!

Dress: Boohoo cold shoulder dress
Accessories: H&M floral scarf, Kate Spade bag, LOFT tights, Ray Ban sunglasses
Shoes: Forever 21 


  1. This post is absolutely beautiful!

  2. aye its that croci! haha i dont know why i couldnt tell if it was real or not. i enjoyed this follow me around post deb, you should post more articles like diz :)
    and how adorable are those soap samples and cupcake soaps!

  3. That sweater dress is so cool because of the cut out details! Also it looks like you had a lovely day :)


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