Currently... (Vol.20)

I had a whirlwind of a week - I met my boyfriend's family for the first time and went to my first baseball game (thus fulfilling an item on my June bucket list) and I hosted a pool party this weekend! To say my social life is on fleek would be an understatement! Now, onto my list of things I'm enjoying currently:

  • Reading: California guide book - I have a trip to California planned next month and I'm so excited! Brian is originally from there and he graciously invited me to visit! I can read all the guide books I want, all I want to eat is a burger from In-n-Out though.
  • Eating: Le Diplomate - Like I mentioned earlier, I met Brian's dad earlier this week and we all had dinner at this french restaurant. The food is excellent and I highly recommend their radish crudite and scallops!
  • Watching: The Bachelorette - I actually have never watched an episode prior to this season but after hearing a friend raving about one of the characters (Chad), I fell through a rabbit hole and it's now a new guilty pleasure! It's like watching a train wreck! I know none of the relationships being fostered on the show could possibly be healthy but I can't look away!
  • Wearing: ASOS longline bikini - I bought this last year but it's still cute! They have one size available right now but they have a bunch of other cute swimsuits that are pretty affordable!
  • Drinking: Romarin cocktail - I had this for the first time at Le Diplomate and it's delicious! It consists of vodka, rosemary and grapefruit! It's a great summery cocktail for a warm evening!
  • Obsessed with: J.Crew scallop swimsuit - I keep talking about swimsuits (and I may do a post on this too) but I got this scalloped one-piece and I think it's darling! It's a bit conservative but I personally like it a lot and I can't wait to wear it this summer!


  1. A pool party sounds amazing! I've never been to a baseball game either as we don't have that over here in the UK.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  2. hahaha i feel like The Bachelorette (i havent really watched, i only saw a few eps) is like keeping up with the kardashians- which is my guilty pleasure ^^


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