August 2016 Bucket List

Even though I missed my bucket list last month, I want to get right back on that horse this month! I'm excited about this month as I'm going to be traveling to the west coast!
Now, here we goi

  • Travel to the west coast: I am going to be visiting my best friend Jen in Oregon and then off to meet my boyfriend's family in California! I am excited, nervous, and feeling all sorts of emotions! Can't wait!
  • Try a DC restaurant week: I love restaurant week - all the restaurants put forth their best at amazing deals! 
  • Picnic at Jazz in the Garden: I haven't had time to do this at all this summer but I'm hoping to catch a concert before the end of August. Hope I make it!
  • Get a new header for this blog: I think it's about time I got a new header for my blog. I liked my old one but it clashed a bit with the theme of my blog so I had been putting off getting a new one. This is going to be the month though!
  • Get a DC library card: I have been living in DC for a few years but I have yet to get a library card. I think I've lowered the priority for this because I've just been buying my books but I really miss going to the library on weekends. This month I'm going to march over to the closest library and get me a card!


  1. Great goals, especially the banner. Not that you need one to make your blog great, but I like that you're setting the goal to take the time to better your blog. It's inspiring. I was just thinking of doing a few tweaks to my blog, too. I hope you have so much fun on the West Coast. Oregon I hear is great, and good luck with the boyfriend's parents ;) ;)

    -Stephanie Eva


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