Book Club: Anansi Boys

I fell in love with Neil Gaiman's writing after reading about Shadow Moon's adventures in American Gods. Though that book is deep and foreboding, I had no idea what I would be getting into when I read the sequel, Anansi Boys. Where American Gods was epic and dark, Anansi Boys is lighthearted and reads almost like a comedic movie. Whenever I can actually see the book playing out in my head, I consider it well-written and "well-written" is an understatement when describing this companion novel to American Gods.
Mr. Nancy, the human and American incarnate of Anansi the Spider Man (yes, from the stories), dies at a Karaoke bar in Florida while seducing women more than half his age and his estranged son Charlie is called to come to his funeral. Charlie (or 'Fat Charlie' as his father called him and everything his father said had a way of sticking) is a down-on-his-luck Englishman who is uptight and anxious - the exact opposite of his fun-loving and energetic father. At the funeral, a family friend reveals he had a long-lost brother who inherited his father's powers named Spider. The meeting of Charlie and Spider leads to an epic adventure that involves the stealing of a fiance, travels to the beginning of the world, the building of brotherhood, and the finding of self. 
What I particularly love about this novel is that it does everything Gaiman does best - it's got humor, wit, myth, gravitas, and a bittersweet ending that makes you smile. This novel took me on an adventure with so many twists and turns but not too much that it got confusing or boring. Gaiman has this ability to switch his tone within the novel from omniscient narrator to an involved African storyteller and while he never makes the switch officially, you can tell that the person narrating Charlie's adventure and the person regaling the tales of Anansi are different - even when the switch happens in the same sentence. 
I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a happy ending and a whole lot of story. You're going to get both. 


  1. Oh, I like it it reads almost like a comedic movie! Now I'm curious about this book :) Thanks a lot for your detailed review, dear Deborah!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I would love to read this book! Thanks for sharing <3


Thank you for your comments! I read every single one :]