Currently...(Vol. 23)

Hello lovelies!
I took a blogging break last week but I'm back in full swing! I caught a really bad cold and it just went on for far too long. Summer colds are the worst - I felt both hot and cold at the same time! When I got better I took a quick day trip to Baltimore (always on the go, as usual) which I plan to have a post about this week.
Now, on to the other updates!

  • Reading: Freedom's Child by Jax Miller - I received this book from Blogging for Books a while back and I haven't finished it yet. It's not the book's fault though, I just didn't have time to read it, between my sickness and my playing catch up when I went back to work. I actually quite like this book so far and it kind of reminds me of Gillian Flynn's Dark Places a bit in tone. 
  • Eating: Sashimi - My family and I went out for sashimi this weekend. We went to a very Korean population-heavy area in Virginia called Annandale and went to town! It'd been a while since I had seafood so this was a real treat! Plus, spending time with my family is always fun.
  • Watching: Breaking the Magician's Code on Netflix - I remembered watching this show as a child and I was kind of excited that they brought it back on Netflix! It's always interesting to see how a lot of the illusions are performed and while some tricks are a bit of a letdown once I know how it's done, some tricks actually require a lot of skill and involves an element of real danger. 
  • Wearing: Ray-Ban folding wayfarers - These sunglasses are the best! They fold into a really small size but when they're unfolded they're quite big (they cover, like, half my face). They're easily put away and don't take up too much space in my bags. 
  • Drinking: Starbucks Pink Drink - This makes me sound so basic but I finally gave in and tried the pink drink from Starbucks that all the other bloggers are drinking. It was so good! I recommend it!
  • Riding: Baltimore Water Taxi - I took a water taxi when I was in the Baltimore inner harbor last weekend! I had a blast and it was just a fun way to get from place to place. 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better-- being sick is never fun, but especially not in the summer! I need a new pair of sunglasses and I've never heard of folding ones but they sound awesome!


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