My Essential Makeup Tools

I'm no beauty blogger, I just know what works for me and I only found that out through years of experimentation. I didn't buy my first tube of lip gloss until I was 17 and I only started to wear makeup once I graduated college. Since those days, my makeup collection has grown and my tools have gotten more advanced. I've narrowed my list of makeup tools down for you - these are the ones I think are most essential to me:

  • Powder brush: I usually sweep a bit of pressed powder on just the areas that need it to mattify my face and a good powder brush is quite necessary for this. I look for a brush that isn't too dense but can pick up just enough powder (not too much) with one sweep. 
  • Blush brush: Opposite to the powder brush, when it comes to my blush brush, I look for much more density because I don't use as light of a hand when it comes to sweeping blush on my cheeks. 
  • Flat shadow brush: I put this particular brush on here because it is the most versatile brush for eye shadow application, blending, mixing, etc. I think anybody who wears makeup should have a flat eye shadow brush that they can depend on.
  • Eyelash curler: It took me a while to find a good eyelash curler that fits my eye shape and doesn't pinch when I close it but when I did it was a game changer! It takes a few tries to find that perfect lash curler but when you do, it's worth it!
  • Beauty blender: I never really got into beauty blenders until this year because I used foundation brushes instead but these beauties definitely are handy. I really like this particular one from Maybelline because they have a handle on them.
  • Angled brush: I have so many uses for these angled brushes! Obviously, you can use them with gel eyeliners but I also use them with dark eye shadows to line my eyes and I've even used them to dip polish remover to clean those pesky polishes that get on the skin by my nails. 
What are some of your essential makeup tools?


  1. I do agree with you that it important to find a good lash curler...I found one and then I accidentaly broke it and bow I need a new one!

  2. pls be a beauty blogger it would totally make my day hehe ^^ i still havent found the right eyelash culler for me that doesnt pinch and im hoping that if i do it would change my world, i really want to have fuller curled up lashes. im even thinking of trying those lash extensions but im scared that it my lashes could fall off if i do lol

  3. I'm using a mix of brushes from different places too - not that I have very many, just 2, haha. I don't wear much makeup at all!

    Hope you're having a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. nice! same here not a beauty blogger either, no makeup expert either. i just use whatever i have. thank you for the recommendations



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