Baby Clothes | Bodysuit and High-Waisted Shorts

Top: Forever 21 || Bottoms: Forever 21 || Accessories: Kate Spade crossbody, H&M earrings, Ray Ban sunglasses || Shoes: Zara (similar here)

I used to be on the fence about bodysuits but I've recently become a convert! I bought a few bodysuits in different colors and I have to say, I like that I don't have to worry about my tops rolling up when I walk after tucking them into my skirts or shorts. It has a clean, seamless look that I'm into at the moment.
When I held up my purchases to my boyfriend, he just laughed and said, "They kind of remind me of baby clothes." I was a bit stunned but I had to laugh because he's right - they do kind of look like children's onesies.
Well, here I am, braving the heatwave in DC in my long-sleeved baby clothes bodysuit, posing for this blog.

What are your opinions on bodysuits?

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  1. Bodysuit are not for me. They're super cute, but they rarely fit me right.


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