Currently... (Vol. 27)

The weekend has really just flown by, and so has August! I can't believe this upcoming week will be the last of the month and Summer is ending! 
I had an excellent week filled with good people and fun activities! For a lot of people who do advocacy work, it was a slow week in DC because Congress is in recess. I took advantage of the slow pace and got caught up on my reading and podcasts and discovered some new favorites. Here are a few of those:
  • Reading: Stardust by Neil Gaiman - I loved the movie starring Charlie Cox and Claire Danes. I also love everything by Neil Gaiman so I knew I had to pick up this book! I haven't had as much time to read it as I'd like (news articles were prioritized), but it's such a beautifully written book! 
  • Watching: Stardust - Because I'm reading the book, I decided to watch the movie. It was just as good as I remembered! If you've never seen this adventure/fantasy film, I highly recommend it! It's cute and lovely!
  • Wearing: ASOS tassel dress - I bought this dress on sale at ASOS and it's been perfect for these hot swampy few days! I'm planning on having an OOTD on it soon here.
  • Listening: My Favorite Murder podcast - I was looking for a new podcast to listen to while I work and someone recommended this podcast since I have a morbid fascination with true crime. It's so fun to listen to and the hosts have a very interesting way of telling their favorite stories of murder and crime. 
  • Drinking: Lemon water - I have this great water bottle that lets me put fruit and such into it and it's really been encouraging me to drink more water. I've been putting lemon slices in it. Let's just hope I actually stick to this "drinking more water" thing. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice post ;)
    Mónica Sors

  2. Oooh, I love a slower week at work that lets me log some r&r and get caught up at home! :)

    Love that fun tassel dress- ASOS is amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. I love drinking lemon water also, it's great for tummy aches too!

  4. I really want one of those fruit water bottles :)


  5. That asos dress is soo cute! And it looks like it would be so easy to transition for fall :) And thanks for the podcast rec! I've been looking for something similar to serial season 1 and this one sounds great!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster


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