Currently...(Vol. 25)

Greetings from Portland!
I'm here visiting my best friend Jen! Longtime readers know that not only is she my old photographer in the early days of my blog, she's also a librarian who has frequent done guest book reviews here.
I've been here for only 2 days but I'm already trying to stay longer! Portland is such a cool city full of environmentally-conscious-minded people (Does that make sense? I'm still pretty jet-lagged right now...) with interesting ideas. Very different from Washington, DC, that's for sure.
Now, on to the things I've been enjoying currently:

  • Sightseeing: Portland Saturday Market - First stop today was the open-air crafts market in downtown Portland. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the interesting items for sale here! I almost wished I could buy out the entire market (but I couldn't possibly fit all of those things in my suitcase). I did take a few cards from certain vendors who said they delivered to the east coast. I see a potential venus fly trap in my future (maybe). 
  • Reading: Read My Pins - For those of you who don't know, Madeleine Albright has quite the collection of brooches (a particular famous one was showcased when Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination for the Democratic candidate for President of shattered glass). You may love or hate her policies but I was quite interested to read and see her massive collection of pins that she used to express her moods and opinions. 
  • Eating: Macarons from the Saturday Market - Jen was kind enough to buy me a macaron from a shop at the market. I'll have a post on that soon!
  • Drinking: Blackberry cider from Thirsty Lion - Jen and I took a quick drink break and had a drink and a pretzel. I knew I wanted a cider but I'd never had a blackberry cider before. I knew I had to try it before I left so that was what I ordered. It's a bit sweet but not too bad! 
  • Watching: Bob's Burgers - Jen had never seen the show and since the humor is right up her alley we had to have a marathon! We breezed right through the first season and I'm sure we'll watch more this week! 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww so glad to hear you're having a fun trip! Enjoy!! <3

    Something About That

  2. Bobs burgers was definitely a great show! Love having Deb here in Portland.


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