September Book Haul

September has been an awesome month for reading! Most of my friends know I'm an avid reader so they all got me books for my birthday (no complaints here!) Here are some of the books I've gotten or bought this month. I've either finished reading or started reading a lot of these and I'm so excited to have a bunch of things to review for you guys soon!

Book Club: Stardust

After I read American Gods and its sort-of sequel Anansi Boys, I knew that I was a Neil Gaiman fan for life. So I went out and got as many books of his that I could find. My Neil Gaiman journey lead to to read Stardust which was no surprise considering how much I enjoyed the movie starring Claire Danes and Charlie Cox.

Handwriting Tag

I've been writing this blog since 2013 but I have never really did a post about my handwriting! Longtime readers may have caught glimpses of it though (in posts like here and here). I actually really love writing things out and I've been told I have pretty decent handwriting. I saw a post by Yige on her handwriting which inspired me to find a handwriting tag to do. Here it is in all it's glory;

Ways to Boost Your Mood

As positive as I try to be, some days it can feel like an uphill battle. Work stresses and personal stresses can really take a toll on me and all I want is something of a booster shot for my mood so I don't feel grumpy all the time.
Here are a few ways that have helped me cope through the bad times:

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

My non-blogger friends think I'm crazy the way I go above and beyond for my Instagram photos. While most people snap from their phones and upload onto their feed, I have an entire process that involves computer editing (shout out to my blogger friends who are in the same boat!) If you are a beginner photographer and what to up your Instagram game, here are a few tips on editing that I'm happy to share with you:

Book Club: Freedom's Child

"My name is Freedom Oliver and I killed my daughter." Thus begins Jax Miller's debut thriller novel. I was drawn to this book originally because reviews online said this was an action-thriller type of book that keeps the reader in suspense. Well, I like a good thriller with suspense - I loved Gone Girl after all! Unfortunately, this book did not quite live up to the hype with me.

My Bad Fashion Habits

I sometimes feel like a hypocrite blogger because I don't always have the best habits when it comes to fashion and clothing. I have a few that I'm really working on and by writing this post (and hopefully meeting other people who are in a similar boat), I hope to really kick some of these bad habits this year.

My Five Product Face

Some mornings, I have my act together and wake up early and have time to focus on my makeup. Other mornings, I oversleep and rush out the door. For those mornings, I put on what I like to call my "five product face." It's literally just five products that I find do the job for me in a pinch. Easy enough, right?

Bodysuited Up | High Waisted Shorts and Taupe Handbag

I'm so glad that Autumn is just around the corner. We caught a glimpse of it last weekend when Hurricane Hermine just passed DC and brought temperatures (and the humidity levels down). I was able to actually leave the house without fear of getting drenched in my own sweat ten minutes later!
I hung out with Brian and since we were both around for Labor Day weekend, we decided to play tourist a bit and went to two museums - the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian Air and Space. If you follow me on Snapchat (it's deborahyi08, if you want to), I'm sure you saw my ridiculous snaps on the Van Gogh paintings. For that, I apologize - I just really like puns.

Things I Learned from Living in Washington, DC

I've lived in Washington, DC since I moved here for college (class of 2012 - you do the math!) There are things I absolutely adore about this city and things I abhor. I think that my time here has taught me a lot about life and while people have what they think DC is actually like, here are the lessons I've learned while living here: 

September (2016) Bucket List

We are finally in my favorite month of all time - September! I love September because (1) it's when Autumn officially begins, (2) the weather starts to cool, and (3) My birthday is in September! Here are a few things I want to accomplish this month: