Currently... (Vol. 28)

  • Watching: Stranger Things - I, like basically everyone who doesn't live under a rock, have succumbed to the delight that is Stranger Things. I love this homage to 80s TV shows and I find the children of the show to be amazing actors! 
  • Wearing: Essie Gel Couture polish in "Stitch by Stitch" - I love these polishes and this particular shade of pink is perfect for everyday! 
  • Listening: The Little Prince soundtrack - After I saw the new movie on Netflix, I knew I had to go find the soundtrack because the music was so beautiful and whimsical! I highly recommend you check this out!
  • Eating: Tune Inn - This pub is an old DC favorite. It burned down a long time ago but was rebuilt by the residents because the place was so beloved! If you're ever in the area, you should check this place out!
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  1. Stranger Things was so good. The whole cast, kids to Wryder, were great! I'm so excited that there will be a season 2!


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