My Bad Fashion Habits

I sometimes feel like a hypocrite blogger because I don't always have the best habits when it comes to fashion and clothing. I have a few that I'm really working on and by writing this post (and hopefully meeting other people who are in a similar boat), I hope to really kick some of these bad habits this year.
  • Not taking care of my clothes: I am so rough on my clothes. Case in point, this morning I saw that I had a big hole on my (not hole-y) jeans and not in the chic way either. I am especially rough on my shoes and I never take them to the cobbler. I have ruined so many expensive shoes and I've just stopped buying expensive shoes altogether. I am trying to be better at being gentle (I'm just clumsy in general) so I don't constantly feel like I can't have nice things. 
  • Wear shoes that hurt for extended periods of time: Going back to being hard on my shoes, I buy shoes that aren't as high quality and wear the crap out of them - especially high heels. I know that I'm killing my posture and my feet  - Brian hears me complaining all the time about this but I can't stop! I almost feel like I need them because I'm short! I really need to be better at swapping them out for my flats when my feet hurt or invest in some quality heels that won't break the bank (like my Sole Society shoes)
  • Buying just because things are on sale: No joke, discounts cloud my ability to judge whether something is a necessity or a frivolity. I've bought so many things that I never wear just because they were on sale! This needs to stop because I've accumulated too much junk that all needs to go! I need to be better at reminding myself that it's better to have a few things that are good quality than a lot of things that are useless.
  • Not having enough basics: Going back to my last point, I have too much junk but not enough of the wardrobe basics. I have a few holes in my closet that need to be filled - a quality plain white tee or a more versatile little black dress. These are the things I should be paying for instead. 
What are some of your bad fashion habits?


  1. I have the hardest time keeping my shoes in good shape-- even ones I don't wear that often seem to get scuffed easily and it's so frustrating. I've been trying to get a lot better with not buying things only because they're on sale, it can definitely be hard to resist temptations though!

  2. I'm with you on those last two bad habits. I just got rid of a top the other day that I bought because it was "cheap." I almost never like those pieces, so I need to tell myself that more often.

    Also....why is it so hard time find good basics?!

    Something About That

  3. I am the same... I buy so many clothes just because they are on sale and now i have a bunch of clothes in my wardrobe, with the tag on and I might never wear them... Classic!!!

  4. Dear Deborah, thanks for your honesty! I think it makes really sense to take care of the own wardrobe ... I have to admit that for me it is the opposite as I sometimes have the impression I take too much care of my clothes :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. I keep buying things that are on sale too, even though I don't need them or I have plenty similar. I just cannot stop, I am obsessed with good deals and offers :)


  6. The "discount fog" was so real for me until I decided to go straight minimal/capsule with my wardrobe. I've noticed that I'm much less likely to buy anything (deep discounts even OMG) while I'm browsing. I've actually become quite picky with like the dumbest things. Like I spent two hours and looked in four stores for the perfect "oversized black tee"... I mean, really Stephanie??
    I love the honesty in your post, haha! It's good you can at least admit it all, one step closer to working on it! I would be really interested in a post on how you "filled the holes" in your closet. I know I've still got some holes and it would be really helpful to read your experience and hear your input!!

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva


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