Snallygaster | High Waisted Shorts and Lace Up Flats

Top: Forever 21 || Bottoms: Forever 21 || Accessories: Kate Spade bag (similar here), Ray Ban sunglasses || Shoes: Zara (similar by ASOS)
Last weekend I went to a craft beer festival in Navy Yard called Snallygaster, named after a mythical beast that is said to lurk in Washington, DC. I had the most difficult time remembering the name of this event, though. I kept calling it "smelly-gasm" instead to the sound of pointed laughter. Lesson learned.
I wore this outfit as the weather was overcast but humid. I never know how to dress for days like this so I tried my best with these awesome high-waisted shorts and a simple long-sleeved shirt. The real kicker (pun not intended) were these flats, though - I got several compliments and a friend said, that they looked "classy and functional but badass!" I'm sold!

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  1. I actually own similar flats and you remind me that I need to wear them. You wore a nice outfit for the event. Denim shorts for the win! I am wearing chambray shorts today. Looking great, Deborah.

    Welcome by and linkup your latest outfits with my new Thursday Moda linkup. Share your fab style with my readers. Thanks and enjoy the weekend!

    Ada. =)


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