Autumn is for Sweaters | Chunky Sweater and Tall Boots

Top: Forever 21 sweater (similar here) || Bottoms: J.Crew toothpick jeans || Accessories: Tory Burch York tote, LOFT sunglasses || Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)

When the Autumn chill hits town, there's nothing I like better than donning my chunkiest knit sweaters and curling up with a cup of warm coffee. This outfit embodies early Fall to me. I know it looks white here but my sweater is actually a very light dusty pink! I love the way it looks with white jeans though. 

What are some of your Autumn outfit go-tos?


  1. I love this jumper, it is gorgeous! I can't see the baby pink, but it means the colour must be so unique. I'm starting to want all the cosy jumpers in the world now, I need to get some more :D

    Julia x
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  2. Gosh I have such a problem with wearing white. I must be the messiest person on the planet, I can't keep it clean for a second. That goes for any light colors.. The sweater is a really really nice light pink though, fooled me for a second ;) I LOVE the outfit though, so I may just "copy" it but in all-black.. LOL. MUCH LOVE!


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