Autumn Makeup Swaps

I liked the reaction I got when I wrote my post on Summer Makeup Swaps so here I am, back with a list of easy swaps you can make to change up your makeup routine for autumn!

  • Trade in your bronzer for matte blush: I love a good bronzer look but I don't find it as necessary in the Fall. Hopefully, you already got your tan in this summer so give your bronzer a break and break out your matte blushers. 
  • Switch your bright lips and nails for vampy shades: This is the best time of year for those dark berry lips and nails! If neons were your go-to this summer, let vampy shades be your go-to this fall. 
  • Let go of the light moisturizers and go heavy duty: I don't need much to moisturize in the summer because it's so humid out, but once autumn hits and the air gets dry, I need to pack on all the moisturizing items (#eczemalife). 
What are some of your autumn makeup swaps?


  1. Dear Deborah, yes to the swaps you recommend! Especially dark berry lips and nails are my cup of tea :) You remembered me it is time for a change of the summer colours :) Thanks for that!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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