Currently... (Vol. 30)

  • Reading: Blog on Ivanka Trump items - I try to stay away from politics on this blog because but with the way election is this cycle, I really can't sit idly by while a candidate for President goes on to insult and endanger an entire gender. I believe that anyone eligible to vote should vote for who they think will be the best president but like Belle from The Work Edit, I can't contribute to the Trump empire. If you think I'm wrong, a respectful dialogue is encouraged in the comments. I've never had to delete a comment before, but as I know politics can cause hairy discussions, I would like to reiterate that respectful discourse and constructive criticism is always welcome. 
  • Drinking: Salted caramel mocha at Starbucks - This is an unpopular opinion but I'm sort of over Pumpkin Spice Lattes (the world gasps!) but I can't get enough of salted caramel mochas! If you haven't tried them yet I recommend it, especially if you love mochas in general!
  • Wearing: Murad hydrating essence - I wrote a brief description of this product in this post before but this has been life-changing! As I've said many times before, I have dry skin with eczema so any product that helps hydrate my skin and retain moisture is a must-buy for me!
  • Watching: Breakfast at Tiffany's - I have seen this Audrey Hepburn movie so many times but as Brian had never watched it,  I made him sit with me for a movie night. He begrudgingly loved it (haha)
  • Eating: Slow cooked chicken with broccoli and cheddar - I posted the recipe of this dish yesterday but I'm going to have plenty to eat this upcoming week! 
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  1. I've never bought any Ivanka Trump items in the past but I have considered it. After this election season, I don't plan on ever purchasing something from her brand. It was interesting to read how someone from a different part of the political spectrum from myself came to the same conclusion. Now I'm gonna hop on over to your skincare routine post! I've recently been really into K-beauty so I'm excited to see all your other recs :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. The election has got me so nervous. I've never been so on edge to see the outcome of anything before! I sort of miss having anything caramel at Starbucks, or the PSL's. Both sauces have milk in them, so I've not had them since going full-Vegan several months back. I notice my migraines have become so few and infrequent, I can't justify a little PSL for a lot of pain ;) I will look into the hydrating essence from Murad. I know we both have dry skin, the banana pack was amazing and fun, so I'm sure this will be a great addition to my skincare arsenal as well ;) ;) MUCH LOVE!!!


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