Indy Wedding | Navy Lace Dress and Glitter Shoes

What an exciting weekend I had! If you follow me on Snapchat (@deborahyi08), you may have seen that I was in Indianapolis for a wedding! I actually didn't know anybody there, including the couple tying the knot. I came as Brian's plus-one and he's friends with the bride.
I always find weddings a bit daunting to dress for. I had to ask around quite a bit to make sure I would be dressed appropriately. I find ASOS to be a great place to find wedding guest attire at a reasonable price. This dress was under $100 and considering how comfy it was (the roomy stomach area was a priority for me), I think it was definitely worth the money.

Dress: ASOS || Accessories: gifted clutch (similar here) || Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)


  1. I totally adore the lace detailing on the top <3 I mean what is a wedding outfit without lace, right? :)
    Haha, and so true about the room for stomach :D There is always so much tasty food at weddings so a dress which allows you to eat without worries is definitely a must :)

  2. Dear Deborah, I can imagine you had an amazing weekend there - as you even didn't know the bridal couple and nobody of the other guests, too! But I'm convinced nevertheless you belonged to the most beautiful guest with that wonderful dress you found at Asos <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Thank you for your comments! I read every single one :]