November 2016 Bucket List

I wish I could have been more active on my blog and social media this week but work duties and catching my boyfriend's cold kept me away. I am so excited for next week, though, and even more excited about November in general - mostly because November contains my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving!
Here are a couple of things I want to accomplish by the end of next month:
  • Get with my family for Thanksgiving dinner: Nobody in my family really likes turkey so our Thanksgivings have been pretty non-traditional. Most years, we all sit down in the kitchen and make dumplings together! It's a great way to slow down, catch up, and eat delicious food. It's become more meaningful to me since my brother and I both moved away from our parents so it's one of the few times we all get together. 
  • VOTE: Living in DC and having worked on a presidential campaign in the past, I can't even begin to tell you how important it is to vote this election! I know that this cycle has been quite controversial to say the least but even if you don't like the current presidential candidates, local elections are in many cases even more important! Down ballot elections can impact you and your community more directly so I highly encourage everyone who is eligible to either vote early or on election day. 
  • EmporiYUM: A pop up food market is coming to Union Market, DC and guess where you'll find me? I am an appreciator of all things yummy and I cannot wait to go to this!
  • Black Friday Shopping: I have kept my eye on a couple of big items and hopefully they'll go on sale after Thanksgiving! 
What's on your November Bucket List?


  1. Oh everything sounds very cute!

  2. Voting would be on my bucket list this month if I wrote out bucket lists (I'm still meaning to do this for myself, you inspire me each time you post one!!). I feel like it's my duty as a citizen to make sure a certain someone doesn't get into office ;) That's as political as I'll get... Anyway. EmporiYUM sounds like a lot of fun!! Good luck with your Black Friday shopping, and enjoy your Thanksgiving!! MUCH LOVE!


Thank you for your comments! I read every single one :]