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Happy Daylight's Savings Day! I gotta say, I love #fallbackward a whole lot more than #springforward because of the extra hour of sleep!! Today I'm planning on volunteering at political campaigns (political life in DC ftw) and catching up with a few friends who are back in town for the election. I don't know about you but I am so nervous about this upcoming one! I hope you all are planning to vote or have voted early already. It's an important election and I hope that you choose to do your civic duty by making your voice heard. 
Anyways, enough of my civics and political lecture - on to the blog post!
  • Reading: Coraline by Neil Gaiman - I started reading this book for Halloween because this is probably the most horror I can handle. This book is a children's book that I first read when I was about 12 but my little heart couldn't handle the scary stuff back then. I'm still a total chicken but it was fun to go back and read a book from my childhood that was appropriate for the spooky season.
  • Watching: Cubs v. Indians game - I'm not even a huge baseball fan and this game was intense! I didn't know the history of the Cubs nor did I know that this was their first victory in 108 years but I'm so happy for them. 
  • Wearing: Avocado Face Mask from It's Skin - I picked up a few face masks from Urban Outfitters recently and picked up a few sheet masks. I have seriously enjoyed taking a bath with this on my face! My skin has been feeling a lot more hydrated and fresh! Love me some avocado masks!
  • Eating: Banana bread - On snapchat, I posted that I made banana bread for the first time! I can't believe how easy it was and how tasty it turned out, especially considering the state of the bananas I used (extremely ripe). An excellent way to not let bananas go to waste.
  • Drinking: Lemon and Honey tea - I had a bout of the cold that kept dragging on this week so I turned to my mother's remedy of lemon and honey tea! I think it's an excellent and easy recipe for keeping your throat warm and warding off the cold this season!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Dear Deborah, I really understand how you are feeling at the moment in your country! All the best to you <3 And what a great idea to bake a banana bread: I never did this but it makes really sense to me!
    xx Rena

  2. Your banana bread looked so tasty! I have been eyeing the it's skin sheet masks good to know that the avocado one is a hit! Thanks for the rec :) Hope you had a fun day volunteering and hanging with friends!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  3. I'm nervous for this election too, definitley has the potential to change the world. I'm useless with horror too haha. The banana bread had me intrigued on snapchat!!! Are you going to post the recipe? x

  4. Lemon and Honey tea is a must when you're feeling under the weather! I love making banana bread with a couple bananas that I haven't been able to eat before they turn brown - next time add some chocolate chips! It's delish!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  5. wow great post, love it

  6. Wow I love your post!!
    Mónica Sors

  7. fellow total chicken over here *raises hand* :D love this pic of your sexy legs! (sounded like a perv there lol) its very tumblr like. your photos / life / style is actually very similar to mine too thats why i feel connected to you - like i wish i knew you irl :)


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