Currently... (Vol. 33)

I want to talk to you guys about my health before I go on.
For the past month and a half I haven't really been able to keep a lot of foods down. After almost every meal I would start vomiting and feeling horribly nauseous. At first I thought that I may have been having an allergic reaction to something I was eating but after I went to the doctor's, I found out it's just a matter of severe indigestion. I'm eating too fast, too often, and without chewing. What started as a minor case of an upset stomach has turned quite severe due to it going untreated for too long. I've lost a bit of weight because I haven't really been able to eat much so the doctor put me on a strict soup diet and forced me to cut out a lot of things I enjoyed, like coffee. I'm sure I've been pretty unpleasant to work with because my caffeine withdrawal symptoms included a nasty headache that put me in a bad mood. Luckily, I've been getting a bit better and thanks to everyone around me constantly reminding me to eat slower, the nausea has lessened significantly. 
Just in time too because my boyfriend's mom was in town and I certainly didn't want to be too sick to spend time with her! We had so much fun hanging out around DC - she's from California and we couldn't apologize enough about the cold weather. It's really been an up and down week! 
Anyways, on to the things I enjoyed currently:

  • Reading: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - I'm on a Neil Gaiman kick lately, in case you haven't noticed (two out of my last three book reviews were Neil Gaiman books). This one is so funny and I can't wait to review this for you guys!
  • Watching: Opera, Daughter of the Regiment - Brian's mom took us to the opera this week at the Kennedy Center! I had a blast and it was just a delight to listen to all the beautiful songs!  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg actually played a non-singing role on opening night but unfortunately we missed her. Still, it was a great time and I haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack on Spotify!
  • Drinking: Matcha tea - Since I had to cut back on coffee, I've been drinking my fair share of tea, and matcha green tea in particular! It was a hard few days but my headaches have gone away and I think I have a new tea addiction!
  • Wearing: J.Crew pearl necklace - I wrote about my necklace on my last post but this accessory has done double duty lately because it just looks gorgeous during the holidays! 
  • Obsessed With: Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens - Dubbed the 'nifty fifty' lens that all fashion bloggers should have, I finally made the investment myself! Brian even commented while taking photos with this lens how amazing the photo quality was! 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Darling I'm sorry that's an horrible sensation! Sometimes I get the same symptoms because of stress, and this is one of those periods. I'm glad you are feeling better dear! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  2. I'm so sorry to hear how sick you've been, but it sounds like things are starting to get better. So glad you were able to enjoy the visit with your boyfriend's mom! I've never been to the Opera, but that looked like such an amazing production!


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