Currently... (Vol. 34)

I hope you all had a great break this week with Thanksgiving and all of the sales! I hung out with my family, ate way too much food and watched Netflix to my heart's content! Good weekend overall.

  • Reading: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - I mentioned this book last week but I am almost done with this book. I can't wait to have the review of it up, it's so funny! 
  • Watching: Gilmore Girls revival - Oh. Em. Gee! This series really messed with my heart this weekend! I just sat through and watched all four episodes in one sitting and I'm not sure how to feel! I feel all the feels! 
  • Eating: Dumplings - No one in my family really likes turkey so our family's tradition is to make dumplings from scratch all together. It's a great way to just catch up and talk, especially since we don't get to do that as often anymore. We made a ton of kimchi dumplings and I took the leftovers home! 
  • Drinking: Peppermint mocha from Starbucks - since my health issues have resolved itself (see my Currently post from last week), I am finally able to drink coffee again! I was drinking about 3-4 cups a day which is insane and while I'm happy the caffeine withdrawal headaches are gone, I'm equally glad I can enjoy a cup of peppermint mocha (in moderation) again! It's just not the holidays without peppermint mochas, amirite?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! You NEED to try the peppermint white chocolate mocha at Starbucks by the way, I'm obsessed with it!

  2. Love Gilmore Girls & peppermint mochas :) sounds like a great week!

  3. hahaha i watched it too! -- the first three ep. im not done yet :) what is up with rory tho! haha im hoping the last ep would give me a better closure

  4. still hoping dean winchester will show up btw ^^


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