On Voting

Today is election day, and I know that for those living in the US, we're all tired of this cycle. I get it - I worked on a presidential campaign back in 2012, I've been in the trenches and I get that not everyone likes to talk about politics.
But (and you knew there was a but),

I really have to encourage everyone who hasn't voted already to go do so today. Now! Even if you don't like the candidates running for president, there are other people to vote for. There are other state issues to vote for! If you think you aren't "political," ask yourself - do you have opinions on how schools should be run, if medical marijuana should be legalized, if we should fix our healthcare system? Do you live in America and do you pay taxes? I guarantee, it should take about 10 minutes to learn about candidates and the issues they stand for, whatever issues are important to you.
If you don't want to vote because you really don't like either candidate and you don't think a third party vote will make a difference, let me tell you that we in this country end up with sub par candidates because people don't vote! You don't agree with a candidate on a single issue? Would you rather be right or would you rather win? Being right only benefits yourself but winning can benefit so many people.
I don't want to tell you how to vote, I just want to tell you to please do your civic duty and get to the polls. So many people in American history have fought for the right to universal suffrage. As a woman of color, this was on my mind when I went to vote early and I hope the (mostly) women reading will do the same. Remember that people fought for your right to make your voice heard and it would be in your best interest to turn out and bring your friends and family too. 


  1. Good luck!


  2. Thanks for the PSA! Hopefully everyone goes out and votes! I see it in the exact same way, as a woman and a person of color, it's almost an insult to those before who didn't have the privilege that I do. What did they fight for then?!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  3. Dear Deborah, it speaks in your favour that you are encouraging to vote! I think everyone should do this in general. Now we know already the results ...
    xx Rena


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