Updated Essential Accessories

Around the time I first started my blog, I wrote a post called "10 Essential Accessories." My needs have changed since then and I thought it was about time I updated that list. I don't actually have 10 essential accessories anymore, just five so this should be a more efficient list than the one I wrote back in 2013. Keep in mind these are the items I wear a lot in my life outside the blog and items you may recognize from the blog too:
  1. Ray Ban sunglasses: I bought these sunglasses a while back because I thought they would be perfect for travel. They fold up really small which makes then incredibly compact and easy to just throw into any old bag and head out the door! I also love that the frames are tortoiseshell, making them a versatile classic. 
  2. Pearl (or faux pearl) necklace: Pearls come in a lot of different sizes and lengths. I happen to like a set with a shorter length that's layered. I ended up getting mine from J.Crew and it's been a work wardrobe workhorse!
  3. Signature scent: This is something that may be a bit polarizing but I think having a go-to perfume or scent is nice to have. I fell in love with Marc Jacobs' Oh Lola and it's a great scent in the spring and winter. For fall and winter, this Citron Glace perfume by Gourmand serves me well! I got asked on Instagram how it is and I find the Gourmand line to be lovely! I'm pretty particular when it comes to scents but Citron Glace fits my bill. 
  4. A "goes-with-everything" crossbody bag: The amount of times I've worn this Kate Spade crossbody bag, you'd think I had no other purses! When looking for a good crossbody, I knew I wanted something small but structured and in a neutral color. This Kate Spade Cedar Street Cami fit the bill
  5. Cute phone case: I like to think of phone cases to be an accessory because my phone is an extension of my outfit! I like this one from Rifle Paper Co. - my rose iPhone looks lovely against the flowers painted on clear case! 
What are your essential accessories?

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  1. My essentials are dental floss, perfume and my phone:)



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