December Bucket List

It's finally December and we're one month closer to the new year! November was an insane month, from the election to Thanksgiving, November seemed longer than it actually was in some respects. I'm excited about December though, I love the Holidays! Here are just a few things I want to accomplish by the end of the year:
  • Go ice skating at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden: While I've always wanted to participate in this DC winter tradition, I've never gone because I don't know how to ice skate! I have a friend who recently got a job at the National Gallery of Art and highly recommended I come so I think I'm going to risk looking like a clumsy oaf on the ice and have some fun!
  • Go see the Smithsonian National Zoo Lights: This is another tradition I just haven't done! I think I'm just so averse to being cold that I hate going outside in the winter (which is why I haven't gone ice skating either). Brian's very outdoorsy so I have a feeling he'll encourage me to go outside and hang out. I might as well see something everyone else in DC has seen. 
  • Shop at the Holiday Market: I love a good outdoor market and this market that pops up every year around the holidays is my absolute favorite in DC! I took my mom last year and she loved it as well! I've managed to find holiday gifts for people here so that's a bonus. Plus, they have the most delicious churro stand!
  • See a play at the Shakespeare Theatre: I think I mentioned this before but for my birthday back in September, Brian got me season tickets to go see plays at the Shakespeare theatre! In October we saw Romeo and Juliet and this month we're seeing The Secret Garden which happens to be one of my favorite plays from when I was a kid! I am incredibly excited for this one!
  • Spend Christmas with my family: I am so looking forward to going home and just relaxing with my family. If I learned anything this past Thanksgiving, it's that being with my family helps me relax and I could definitely use that after this crazy season!
  • Spend NYE with Brian: Even though I have been in relationships on New Years in the past, I've actually never spent any of them with a boyfriend! Brian seems to be on a mission to change that for me this year so I'm very much looking forward to ringing in 2017 with him!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like you have great plans ahead for Christmas and New Years! I hope you enjoy :)

    Good luck with the skating too! I am not very good at ice skating so whenever I go I usually cling to the wall or a friend and shuffle around super slowly, most of the time while little kids run circles past me and fly across the ice expertly, haha! But I have fun and that's all that matters! :) We really don't have the chance to go enough here for me to get any good at it!

    Hope you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Sounds like great plans! Have a good December! :)

  3. aaah your city sounds so dreamy. so many things to do for the holidays! let us know how the play is. i wish i could watch theatre plays all the time. i might put that on my bucket list for next year :)

  4. Great plans! I've forgotten to write yet another bucket list! But I've got yours to keep reminding me, LOL! I hope everything and more can be crossed off of your list!! MUCH LOVE!


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