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I have a paranoid fear of shattering my phone. I've seen it happening so many times with my friends and even my brother and I am so scared that it will happen to me. That's why I'm okay with dropping a few extra bucks to make sure my iPhone is protected and it's also why I was eager to work with Caseapp when they reached out to me! Caseapp is a company that allows you to create custom phone and laptop cases. They offer cases for iPhone and Samsung, glossy and matte, and regular hardshell and extra hardshell (which has a silicone bumper). I got an iPhone case with the extra protection (again, I'm a nut about the protection for my phone) and added my own design. There were a couple of hiccups with my order but they were all resolved in a timely manner (I'll get to that in a minute). 

  • Customer Service: I thought that the customer service was top notch. Regarding that hiccup with my order I mentioned - When creating a custom case, you're free to upload images that will go on the phone. I didn't know this (I totally should have though), but resolution matters. I used an image that was 100 DPI which is pretty low quality. A customer service rep got back to me after I placed the order and told me that the image would look very pixelated. I sent him a PDF version of my image but I was a bit nervous because I didn't get to go back and re-create my case with my design in a specific place. Well, my worries were allayed when I received the case because they put my picture exactly where I had the image originally! If you do decide to create a custom case, I recommend using a PDF image or an image that's 300 DPI or higher. 
  • Quality: I am really happy with my case! It provides that protection I need and it has the exact design that I want. If I really had to nitpick, it would be that I picked a matte case that's mostly white which seemed to attract a lot of stains. I feel like with most of my glossy cases, if I had a stain, it would wipe off easily, but with this mate case, I have to be careful about wiping off the stains in fear of spreading it around, if that makes sense. That said, it's been a few days and no stains or dirt have actually stuck on this case. 
  • Verdict: I would definitely recommend this case to you guys, especially if you're like me and you want a case that offers protection but one you can customize so it represents you. They are between $34-$40 so they're not exactly cheap BUT I have you guys covered.
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This offer is only good for a week so if you're planning on getting a case either for yourself or someone else (and these would make great holiday presents), get them now! 


Thank you, Caseapp for sponsoring this post. I was given one iPhone case of my choosing with a design of my choosing as well. I will not be receiving any compensation if you purchase any case after reading this review. 


  1. we <3 CaseApp!

    xx Rebecca //

  2. I've heard of this brand before so I'm glad you're happy with your order! I have a friend who is always worried she's going to drop her phone so this would make the prefect gift for her.

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

  3. I've always loved this website! <3

  4. Seems like a study case. I love when tech is fashionable. Good recommendation.


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