Wednesday Stripes | Cropped Peplum and Magenta Heels

Happy Wednesday lovelies!
Just a quick post today - Things have been crazy at work and I managed to snap these two photos last Sunday after I went for brunch with my family. Funny story about getting these photos - a homeless guy walked by while I was getting my posing on (so embarassing!) and offered to take my pictures. I said no and hurriedly walked away so he couldn't see how red my face became!

Book Club: The Psychopath Test

Whenever I have downtime, I tend to gravitate towards reading something from the fiction section - specifically, classic fiction. Every once in a while, though, a really good non-fiction book will pull me in and I'll get sucked in. Jon Ronson is one of my favorite journalists and all-time greatest storyteller. I saw his TED talk a while back about his research into the realm of psychopathy and I was really captivated me! I knew I had to get my hands on his book and delve into his findings.

Currently... (Vol. 18)

Good evening lovelies!

Another week has come and gone and as busy and hectic as my schedule was, I had a great weekend to make up for it! I spent quality time with great people and did fun things and I'm excited to share with you guys some of the better parts of my week:

How to Set Your Mornings Up to be More Productive

Happy Thursday lovelies!
I am a morning person. I admit, it's been a bit rough in relationships because no one has ever been as early a riser as me. I get up at 6 in the morning on weekends, even though I have nowhere to be, and I end up bugging the crap out of the people around me whose internal clocks aren't on Tokyo time like mine is. 
I've been reading articles lately about how the way you use your mornings can really set the tone for the rest of your day. In fact, getting up just 10 minutes earlier than you normally do can give you so many health benefits as eating fewer calories throughout the day, getting better quality sleep at night and being more productive! 
I've researched a few ways to use your mornings to set yourself up for a productive afternoon:

Party in the Back | Striped Dress and Comfy Chucks

Happy Wednesday!
The thing I love about this time of year is how uncomplicated it is to dress myself. While I appreciate the art of layering in the winter, it's nice to finally be able to throw something on and walk out the door. I found this great striped dress from Tobi during winter and had been dying to wear it when the weather got nice enough. I love the back of this dress in particular though - the hole isn't too high nor too low so no need for backless bras or other such creative solutions.

Currently.. (Vol. 17)

Hello lovelies!

It's been a while since I've done a "Currently"post as I've been quite busy but I'm glad to be back at it again. A lot has been going on in my life lately and while I hate using that as an excuse as to why I've been MIA lately, I'm going to do so anyway. I do like blogging and I like having this little space on the internet as my creative outlet and I think I will just have to find a better way to manage my time so that I don't keep abandoning my blog every time something outside of it happens.
In any case, here are some of the things I'm enjoying currently:

Diamond in the Rough | Printed Pants and Trench Coat

Hello lovelies!
I'm usually not a printed pants kind of girl but something about this pattern really spoke to me. It's bold but not too bold, if that makes any sense? I've worn them to work a few times and I always receive compliments on them - they're a great piece that stands out amongst the sea of black and white traditionally found in formal DC offices. 

April Showers | Camel Trench and Double Denim

Happy Wednesday!
You can't have Spring without at least one rainy day. You would never know it from the pictures but it was pouring rain about 10 minutes before I shot these photos and the rain stopped as abruptly as it began #eastcoastspring. I feel like I never really know what to wear in the rain, so I opted for a pair of boots and a trench coat - the classics. 

Coffee Please | Maxi Skirt and Graphic Tee

Happy Monday!
As I'm sure the name of my blog gave it away, I love coffee. Seriously love it: If coffee were an adjective, I'd try to be more like it. If coffee were a verb, I'd do it all the time. If coffee were a person, I'd be its number one fan. So it's no surprise, I'm sure, that I took one look at this shirt and decided it would be coming home with me!

April Bucket List

Happy April everyone!
I had been way too busy do one of these monthly bucket lists for February and March but I had been determined to do one and complete as much as I can for April. The weather has been getting nicer and nicer making me want to go outside and actually complete activities! So without further ado, here are some of the items on my bucket list this month: