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Wednesday Stripes | Cropped Peplum and Magenta Heels

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12:00 PM
Happy Wednesday lovelies!
Just a quick post today - Things have been crazy at work and I managed to snap these two photos last Sunday after I went for brunch with my family. Funny story about getting these photos - a homeless guy walked by while I was getting my posing on (so embarassing!) and offered to take my pictures. I said no and hurriedly walked away so he couldn't see how red my face became! 
I've been loving all things Zara lately! They're usually a hit or miss with me because I find their sizing to be pretty inconsistent, but I managed to snag these awesome shoes last week! I can also see this peplum top getting a lot of wears this Spring and Summer and if you're thinking of getting it for yourself, I recommend going up a size as this does run a bit small. 
Thanks for reading!

Top: Zara (similar here)
Bottoms: J.Crew
Accessories: Forever 21 bag (similar here), LOFT sunglasses, BCBGeneration bangle
Shoes: Zara (similar here)

Book Club: The Psychopath Test

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7:43 PM
Whenever I have downtime, I tend to gravitate towards reading something from the fiction section - specifically, classic fiction. Every once in a while, though, a really good non-fiction book will pull me in and I'll get sucked in. Jon Ronson is one of my favorite journalists and all-time greatest storyteller. I saw his TED talk a while back about his research into the realm of psychopathy and I was really captivated me! I knew I had to get my hands on his book and delve into his findings.
The Psychopath Test
by Jon Ronson
There are few non-fiction books that could keep me as interested for as long as I was while reading Ronson's The Psychopath Test. Ronson tells a story of his journey into the world of the insane and while doing so, he starts to question his own sanity and as a reader, he had me questioning mine as well. 
The story begins when Ronson uncovers a "mystery" - an anonymous puzzle sent to some of the most intelligent people in the world, asked to solve it. It had all of the geniuses scratching their heads and arguing with each other what the "true" answer was, only for Ronson to discover that the mysterious puzzle sender was just a bored crazy person. Thus begins Ronson's journey into discovering the differences between the sane and the insane. He takes a course on psychopath-spotting, he talks to Scientologists (who basically do everything they can to discredit psychologists' findings on psychopaths), and various other sources in various fields to discover what it truly means to be a psychopath. 
I have a few favorite anecdotes from his book - the first is when he speaks to a producer of a Jerry Springer-type show (Charlotte), who has the unfortunate task of selecting guests to come on the show. She explains her selection process: She simply asks potential guests what medication they're taking. She would look up the drugs they were taking online and see what they were for and assess if they were "too mad" to be on the show. According to Charlotte, there was a perfect amount of madness that one had to be to make for good television. When asked what constituted the right kind of madness, she replied: "'Prozac,' said Charlotte. 'Prozac's the perfect drug. They're upset. I say, 'Why are you upset?' 'I'm upset because my husband's cheating on me, so I went to the doctor and he gave me Prozac.' Perfect! I know she's not THAT depressed, but she's depressed enough to go to a doctor and so she's probably angry and upset.'" (pg. 175) I never stopped and considered why some people were so entertaining on the reality TV shows I watched but learning what guest bookers look for made me rethink judging those people. Clearly, these are people who are not well and we raise them up to laugh at them to feel better about our lives. Is that really okay?
The other anecdote I quite enjoyed was visiting Toto Constant, the founder of a Haitian Death Squad who committed murders, rapes, and countless acts of terror. Ronson writes a fascinating interview of this potential psychopath, his motivations, and how he was able to manipulate people into thinking he was a pretty cool guy.
Overall, I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in the human psyche. This book will seriously having you question the sanity of everyone around you and for a while, you;ll fancy yourself a psychopath spotter like Ronson (I know I did). Like Ronson concludes, ultimately, you have to really wonder if these people are truly psychopathic or if we're assigning psychopathic traits to normal behavior?

BBQ | Gingham Dress and Espadrilles

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12:00 PM
Hello lovelies!
This weekend I went to a barbecue to celebrate a friend getting his US citizenship! I wore this gingham dress and baked apple roses (in lieu of apple pies) and felt like a true American!
It's always interesting to me how diverse a population of a country like the US is. This particular friend is Iraqi-American and I was one of several people of color in attendance. While diversity is nothing new to developed countries, I still like knowing that I live in a country that celebrates immigrants and different cultures. We're all American in the end that's what counts. 

Thanks for reading!

Dress: Maison Jules (on sale!)
Accessories: Ray Ban sunglasses, Kate Spade bag
Shoes: Forever 21

Currently... (Vol. 18)

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10:53 PM
Good evening lovelies!

Another week has come and gone and as busy and hectic as my schedule was, I had a great weekend to make up for it! I spent quality time with great people and did fun things and I'm excited to share with you guys some of the better parts of my week:
  • ReadingThe Psychopath Test - I took a break from Brooklyn on Fire and read this book by Jon Ronson. I'm a big fan of Jon Ronson and I think he's a great storyteller! I heard him talk about this book on a TED talk and I'd been interested in reading more about it. I highly recommend it and I think I may do a review of this soon!
  • Watching: Game of Thrones season 6 - I had been waiting all year for this!!! Is Jon Snow really dead or isn't he? Gotta know now!
  • Listening: Owen Danoff from The Voice - My roommate's friend is currently a contestant on The Voice under the tutelage of Adam Levine! It's so exciting to see a familiar face on TV every week and I highly encourage everyone to vote for Owen Danoff or buy his music on iTunes! He's seriously great! 
  • Eating: Apple Roses - I went to an American themed party in celebration of a friend getting his citizenship. Someone suggested baking an apple pie but as I'm not exactly the best pie-baker, I made these instead. I think they turned out decently and I'm planning on writing a post on how I did it this week!
  • Wearing: ASOS maxi from this post - This dress was a bit of an impulse buy and it's honestly so different from my usual style. I'm really glad I bought it because it's so pretty, drapes perfectly when worn, and (most importantly) incredibly comfortable!
  • Drinking: Soju - I had a really bad craving for Korean food so I went to a Korean fusion restaurant called Mandu's for some sojutinis and bibimbap! So yummy!
Thanks for reading!

How to Set Your Mornings Up to be More Productive

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12:00 PM
Happy Thursday lovelies!

I am a morning person. I admit, it's been a bit rough in relationships because no one has ever been as early a riser as me. I get up at 6 in the morning on weekends, even though I have nowhere to be, and I end up bugging the crap out of the people around me whose internal clocks aren't on Tokyo time like mine is. 
I've been reading articles lately about how the way you use your mornings can really set the tone for the rest of your day. In fact, getting up just 10 minutes earlier than you normally do can give you so many health benefits as eating fewer calories throughout the day, getting better quality sleep at night and being more productive! 
I've researched a few ways to use your mornings to set yourself up for a productive afternoon:

  • Make your bed: Studies show that when you can check off one task, even a small one, off your to-do list, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Knowing you accomplished something (even if it's just making your bed) can help you get going on bigger projects in the afternoon.
  • Drink water: Hydration is best when you first wake up and drinking a glass of water in the morning has a lot of health benefits, including weight loss! Plus, it really wakes you up!
  • Get light to moderate exercise: People who exercise in the morning stick to their overall workout plan in general and burn calories faster and more efficiently. It will also help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day once you get done!
  • Eat breakfast: I'll be the first to admit, this is something I'm working on but it's really important to eat a balanced meal in the morning. Being a regular breakfaster improves the quality of your diet and lowers your risk of obesity. 
Do you have any other tips for starting your day off right? Let me know in the comments!

Party in the Back | Striped Dress and Comfy Chucks

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12:00 PM
Happy Wednesday!
The thing I love about this time of year is how uncomplicated it is to dress myself. While I appreciate the art of layering in the winter, it's nice to finally be able to throw something on and walk out the door. I found this great striped dress from Tobi during winter and had been dying to wear it when the weather got nice enough. I love the back of this dress in particular though - the hole isn't too high nor too low so no need for backless bras or other such creative solutions.
Thanks for reading!

Accessories: LOFT sunglasses, Kate Spade crossbody,

Shoes: Converse 

Vineyard Saga | Mixed Print Maxi and Comfy Wedges

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12:00 PM
Happy Monday, lovelies!
Over the weekend I was invited to go on a wine tour in Virginia! I had a lovely time and this was the outfit I wore.
I was scrambling a bit on what to wear. The forecast predicted a sunny 70 degree (f) day but I'm usually not too warm until the temperatures get to the high 70s (#livingwithraynaudssyndrome). I opted for this maxi tea dress and added on a pair of espadrille wedges.
If any of you guys are planning a trip to a winery or vineyard, and are trying to figure out what to wear, here are some helpful tips I picked up along the way:
  • Comfy shoes are a must: I had a strong feeling I'd be on my feet all day and I was right! I was originally planning on wearing a pair of black flats but seeing as how I'm short (I'm 5'3. I know, I'm short), I opted for a comfy pair of wedges that would give me some height but keep my feet from hurting. If you're like me and want a bit of heel while vineyarding, go with wedges as they won't sink into the grass when you're walking. 
  • Avoid white if you can: The original plan was to wear my white jeans but I am a very clumsy person and can't be trusted with wine around white. If you're also accident-prone like me, I would avoid wearing white, or if you must, wear it with caution. 
  • Layer up: I brought along a cardigan as well to keep me warm. I get cold easily so this was a bit of a no-brainer but if you're going to an area where the temperatures go up and down, I'd bring a sweater or two.
  • Skip the perfume: Perfumes tend to interfere with the wine-tasting experience because a huge part of it is your sense of smell. Spritzing on that little bit of scented product could prevent you from fully appreciating and assessing the wines. 
  • Opt for a low-maintenance hairstyle: It got a bit windy on Saturday so I was glad I my hair was already in their messy waves. The weather can affect your look so pick a fuss-free hair style, like a ponytail or big loose curls so you don't have to constantly worry about your hair. 
  • Bring sunblock: Seriously, especially if you burn easily. 

Do you have any tips for dressing yourself for wine tastings? Let me know in the comments!

Dress: ASOS
Accessories: Ray-Ban sunglasses, Kate Spade crossbody
Shoes: Forever 21

Currently.. (Vol. 17)

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9:00 PM
Hello lovelies!

It's been a while since I've done a "Currently"post as I've been quite busy but I'm glad to be back at it again. A lot has been going on in my life lately and while I hate using that as an excuse as to why I've been MIA lately, I'm going to do so anyway. I do like blogging and I like having this little space on the internet as my creative outlet and I think I will just have to find a better way to manage my time so that I don't keep abandoning my blog every time something outside of it happens.
In any case, here are some of the things I'm enjoying currently:
Listening: The National Symphony Orchestra - I went to see a performance at the Kennedy Center to hear the music of one of their resident composers, Mason Bates as performed by the National Symphony Orchestra. It was quite an experience! I believe this was an attempt to get more younger audiences into classical music because a lot of the pieces included electronica as a part of the percussion. I quite enjoyed the night!

Reading: Brooklyn on Fire by Lawrence H. Levy - This was the second book I received from Blogging for Books and it's been a fairly decent read. I don't know what I expected when I picked this book out but it hasn't been a challenging read, though I've been hard-pressed to be as invested in the characters as I have been to the previous book I received. I'll have a review of it here soon.
Watching: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 - I had been waiting all year for this show to come back and it's been better than I expected! A definite must-watch for everyone who enjoyed the first season as much as I did!
Eating and Drinking: Cherry Blossom tea and scones- I had the opportunity to go to the Willard Intercontinental for tea and scones. I had a lovely time and the tea cakes, biscuits, and sandwiches were a lot more filling than I expected!

Wearing: Essie's Ballet Slippers - This is my favorite neutral nail polish year round, but there's just something awesome about painting a fresh coat of it when the weather is warm!

Thanks for reading

Inappropriate | Chunky Sweater and White Denim

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12:57 PM
Happy Thursday, lovelies!
I've been having a lot of conversations with various people regarding "appropriate dress." Perhaps it's because of some of the internship interviews we've been booking lately but it sometimes seems like people don't know how to dress appropriately for the occasion.
Before I go on further, I can't emphasize enough how I'm a firm believer in experimentation and wearing whatever makes you happy. That said, I also think it's important to be mindful of your surroundings and the occasion. I don't think that wearing a mini skirt to a job or internship interview is appropriate, even if they do show off your fantastic legs. I think there's a time and place for certain clothes and it takes some tries to figure out what items are good for where.
This is also an interesting topic for me because a lot of times it segues into a conversation about school dress codes and language. What is "school-appropriate?" What is "distracting?" I would completely agree that a lot of the language used to define school dress codes are rather sexist and tends to targets girls, but I also think it's important for everyone to come to school dressed in such a way that respects the teachers who usually take the time to dress professionally and do their jobs as well.

What are your thoughts on appropriate dress?

Top: Forever 21 (similar here)
Bottoms: J.Crew toothpick jeans
Accessories: Zara bag (similar here), LOFT sunglasses
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)

Diamond in the Rough | Printed Pants and Trench Coat

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12:59 PM
Hello lovelies!
I'm usually not a printed pants kind of girl but something about this pattern really spoke to me. It's bold but not too bold, if that makes any sense? I've worn them to work a few times and I always receive compliments on them - they're a great piece that stands out amongst the sea of black and white traditionally found in formal DC offices. 
I think the key to wearing bold prints is to keep the rest of your look somewhat neutral so it doesn't compete with the statement piece. I wore a crisp white shirt with brown shoes and a bag and added this great trench coat to keep warm. I think this is a great look for more casual work days.

Thanks for reading!

Top: H&M shirt, Zara trench (old, similar here)
Bottoms: H&M (similar here)
Accessories: LOFT necklace, Tory Burch bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses
Shoes: Michael Kors (similar here)

April Showers | Camel Trench and Double Denim

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12:00 PM
Happy Wednesday!
You can't have Spring without at least one rainy day. You would never know it from the pictures but it was pouring rain about 10 minutes before I shot these photos and the rain stopped as abruptly as it began #eastcoastspring. I feel like I never really know what to wear in the rain, so I opted for a pair of boots and a trench coat - the classics. 

How bad is the rainy season where you are?

Top: Zara trench (similar here), Forever 21 chambray shirt
Bottoms: Zara (similar here)
Accessories: Tory Burch York bag, LOFT necklace
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)

Coffee Please | Maxi Skirt and Graphic Tee

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12:00 PM
Happy Monday!
As I'm sure the name of my blog gave it away, I love coffee. Seriously love it: If coffee were an adjective, I'd try to be more like it. If coffee were a verb, I'd do it all the time. If coffee were a person, I'd be its number one fan. So it's no surprise, I'm sure, that I took one look at this shirt and decided it would be coming home with me! 

Thanks for reading!

Bottoms: Forever 21 (similar here)
Accessories: Kate Spade crossbody, LOFT sunglasses, gifted gold necklace
Shoes Glaze by Adi (similar here)

April Bucket List

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9:02 PM
Happy April everyone!
I had been way too busy do one of these monthly bucket lists for February and March but I had been determined to do one and complete as much as I can for April. The weather has been getting nicer and nicer making me want to go outside and actually complete activities! So without further ado, here are some of the items on my bucket list this month:

  1. Go to the National Cherry Blossom Festival: DC hosts an amazing Cherry Blossom festival and it's always phenomenal! I don't intend to miss it this year!
  2. Spring clean: I noticed a lot of items in my closet I haven't worn in years. Sometimes I don't know why I keep holding on to some items but I think this is the year I let some of them go. 
  3. Share a home-cooked Korean meal: I'm ethnically Korean but since moving out of my parents' home, I've rarely had a chance to eat it. I'm going to learn some of the recipes I grew up on and share it with friends and loved ones
  4. Go antiquing: Going along with spring cleaning, I would love to add a couple of antique items to spruce up my place
  5. Go to a farmer's market: Spring means farmers markets are back! I'm excited to sample some of the fresh produce that'll be back in town
  6. Go to the flea market at Eastern Market: I LOVE going to the flea market and the one at Eastern Market here in DC is always fun to visit. 
Thanks for reading! What are some of the things on your bucket list this month?