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Nerding Alone | Striped Midi Dress and Chambray

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Have you ever gotten into a book or show but no one else you know is into it? I'm obsessed with Doctor Who but my roommates and boyfriend don't watch it so I have all these feelings about new developments in the show but I don't know what to do with them -_-
I have, however managed to get my boyfriend into Sherlock so that's one Steven Moffat show that he's familiar with. Love him or hate him, he knows how to write hit shows. 
On a completely different note, I found this mural in DC and I've been loving it! I'd been meaning to take photos by it for a while but I only recently found the time to do so. It's a community mural and behind it is actually a community garden! I think it's nice finding small areas of real neighborhood community in big cities! 

Thanks for reading!

Top: Forever 21 shirt (similar here)
Dress: Forever 21
Accessories: Longchamp bag
Shoes: Sole Society Joesy

Currently... (Vol. 22)

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8:07 PM
Whew, another week has gone by and we're almost in July! 
I am currently dealing with a cold (summer colds are the worst) but I've been keeping myself hydrated and eating warm soup. I even went out for Pho on Saturday night so hopefully I'll make a speedy recovery. 
Enough about my cold though, onto the list:
  • Reading: About Bullet Journaling - A coworker introduced me to a concept of organizing called 'bullet journaling' and it's quite interesting! It's basically a customizable system of organizing your schedule, to-do lists, notebook, or some combination of all and more. I've been trying to find a new way to organize my life because I'm realizing as I get older that I have different organizing needs than I did when I was younger. It's certainly worth reading about. 
  • Eating: Homemade kimchi - Growing up in a Korean family, I didn't appreciate how much I love kimchi until I had to move out. My mother makes large batches of kimchi and always leaves a bit of extra for me to take. 
  • Wearing: Burt's Bees Almond and Milk Hand Cream - I finally ran out of my TonyMoly panda hand cream that I reviewed here. I did order another jar but I needed hand cream now so I bought the Burt's Bees hand cream to use in the meantime. I find it really moisturizing, maybe more than the TonyMoly, but a bit too moisturizing. It's a once a week product, not an everyday. 
  • Watching: Game of Thrones - I feel like I mention this show all the time, but tonight's the season finale! Can't wait!
  • Drinking: Citron tea - Like I mentioned earlier, I have been dealing with a cold this weekend which means lots of tea! My favorite is this citron tea that you can find in a lot of Asian grocery stores. It's a combination of lemon, honey and citrus enzymes and when mixed with hot water, creates a soothing tea perfect for sore throats!
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Ball Prep | Army Ball Makeup

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12:00 PM
Preparing for the Army Birthday Ball came as a challenge to me. I'm not exactly a makeup expert but luckily, I have had a few chances to figure out what does and doesn't work for me.
The dress I wore was bright red, obviously so I knew that I wanted to do a red lips look. When it comes to bold lip color, I tend to go minimal with the eye makeup to balance out the look. This made my life easier because less eye makeup means less work for me! Below are the products I used for my makeup look that night:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion - I swear by this stuff because it keeps my eye makeup in place! I needed my makeup on my face for as long as possible!
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - I mix the shades 'Dust' and 'Burnout' and sweep it on the center of my lids. I then add 'Nooner' on the edges of the mixed shade and 'Darkside' on my outer V. 'Strange' goes on my brow bone and I use 'Blackheart' as my eyeliner. I think these colors are soft and neutral and don't take away from the dress. A heightened "natural" look, if you will.
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner - I go over the eyeshadow liner with a dark black liquid eyeliner. I double up on eyeliner because I find it adds more dimension to my eyes. 
  • Kiss Looks So Natural lashes - I opted for a pair of fluttery lashes. This is obviously not something I use every day but I find today is a special occasion.
  • L'Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation - I've been loving this foundation lately! It gives a sheer but buildable coverage while illuminating your skin in an incredibly flattering way! It's a cushion compact and I find that it prevents me from applying too much product on my face at a time and I can avoid that cakey look.
  • Nars The Multiple - This has been my go-to blush for the past year. It's a cream foundation that lasts for a long time!
  • Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - I used the shade 'Cruella' and this matched my dress and brightened my complexion! I was so glad I found this shade because so far it's been the most flattering shade of red on me. 
Thanks for reading!

Army Ball | Cut-Out Gown and Strappy Shoes

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As I mentioned on Sunday, I had the good fortune of being invited to the Army Birthday Ball this year! I've never attended a military formal event before so I wasn't quite sure what to wear. Neither my date nor I are servicemen and I had very little experience with dressing for such a setting. Luckily Google knew what I should wear and even equipped me with a few tips on Army Ball etiquette. 
I found this gorgeous gown from Rent the Runway. I didn't want to drop hundreds of dollars on a dress I would only wear once so this seemed to be my best option! My boyfriend complimented me on my dress (though he compliments me on everything I wear anyway). I knew that with the silhouette and the very high slit on the side, this could end up being a disaster for me or a winner. Luckily it was the latter and I even got compliments from people I didn't know!
I had the most fabulous time there - I met Miss USA, the Sergeant Major of the Army, Dan Dailey, the Chief of Staff of the army, General Mark Milley, and the Secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning. Starstruck would be an understatement for how I was feeling that night! 

Thank you so much to Heather, whom I have the pleasure of calling my friend! She graciously extended an invitation to this ball and as I'm sure you can see, I had an amazing time!

Accessories: borrowed clutch (similar here), NARS lipstick in "Cruella," OPI "Beyond the Pale Pink" polish 
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)

Currently... (Vol. 21)

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10:01 PM
I had one crazy weekend - I attended the 241st Army Birthday ball last night, on top of a birthday party for my roommate on Friday! And of course, I spent Father's day with my family. To say I'm tired would be an understatement! The lack of sleep has been taking its toll but I'm going to try my best to get my posts up this week! 
In any case, on to the things I've enjoyed this week:
  • Wearing: Elizabeth and James Giulia gown from Rent the Runway - For the ball, I rented this gorgeous red gown by Elizabeth and James. It is form-fitting and thigh-slitted so I knew this could either end up being either a disaster or a stunner. Lucky for me, it was the latter and I got a lot of compliments on it from people I didn't even know! 
  • Meeting: Miss USA, Deshauna Barber - Miss DC, or, Miss USA, was at the ball! Followers of my snapchat or Twitter may have already known this but I was rather starstruck! It was funny because we literally bumped into her! She was gracious and beautiful and I could definitely see why she won the pageant! 
  • Eating: Korean walnut pastries - My dad really wanted these for father's day so I went to the Korean pastry shop in their town and bought some for him! They're really delicious - they're filled with walnuts and sweet red beans!
  • Watching: Sherlock - This is my favorite series but I recently got Brian into it! It's fun rewatching the show with someone who's never seen it! :]
  • Reading: New Yorker article on a producer of The Bachelor - This comes at an interesting time, especially considering I had recently gotten hooked on the show, The Bachelorette. It goes behind the stage of these reality shows and how really messed up the producers can be! They pay their workers to manipulate these contestants and are even rewarded bonuses when they can get a contestant to cry! It was eye opening and a very interesting read. 
Thanks for reading!

Summer 2016 Reading List

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12:00 PM
Every summer I make a list of books I want get around to. Ideally, I'd be spending every day by the pool or beach with a good book while getting my tan on. Unfortunately, a working schedule prevents me from creating a 100 book list like I used to in the good ol' days! This year, I'll keep it short and sweet:
  1.  So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson: I love love LOVE Jon Ronson's writing and I had such a great experience reading his other book The Psychopath Test. This book is about online justice mobs and how angry people given limited information about a person's action scan have devastating consequences. 
  2. Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow: I, like apparently everyone in America, caught the Hamilton bug! The music is so catchy and the story is fascinating! I am interested in reading the biography that Lin Manuel Miranda was inspired by. 
  3. Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina by Misty Copeland: I really got into the Misty Copeland story after reading a few interviews about her and watching her documentary on Netflix. 
  4. Freedom's Child by Jax Miller: I'm currently reading this for Blogging for Books and it's been... well, interesting to say the least. I will do a review on this soon. 
  5. Modern Love by Aziz Ansari: I had wanted to read this book when it first came out but I dragged my feet on it because I had so much going on at the time. I'm ready to read Aziz Ansari's take on how millennials do dating. 
  6. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith: I read the first two books in the Cormoran Strike series and I'm eager to read the third installment. I love J.K. Rowling and I find the characters in this series to be readable and purposeful, if that makes sense? Good series overall.
Do you any of you have any book recommendations? Leave them in the comments below!

Flesh Colored Undergarments | Striped Peplum and White Shorts

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I personally love a crisp pair of white shorts in the summer but it wasn't until I went to a baseball game last week with some friends I started having some reservations about them. 
At the Nationals game last Friday, we saw several girls wearing white shorts but with dark underwear and the guys in our group couldn't help but point them out in the crowd. While I mostly remained silent on the matter, I do think it's a good idea to check not only opacity of your shorts, but also the underwear you're wearing! It goes back to my post on propriety - I don't think it's a good idea to enforce dress codes but the girls at the game didn't strike me as those who meant for their undergarments to be on display. A good rule of thumb is to just wear flesh-colored underwear when wearing white to avoid any fashion mishaps. That's what I did with this outfit! Flesh colored undergarments all around! 

What are your thoughts on appropriate underwear?

Top: Zara
Bottoms: Forever 21
Accessories: Gifted earrings (similar here), Forever 21 bag (similar here), Rifle Paper Co. phone case
Shoes: Chinese Laundry (similar here)

Currently... (Vol.20)

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9:43 PM
I had a whirlwind of a week - I met my boyfriend's family for the first time and went to my first baseball game (thus fulfilling an item on my June bucket list) and I hosted a pool party this weekend! To say my social life is on fleek would be an understatement! Now, onto my list of things I'm enjoying currently:

  • Reading: California guide book - I have a trip to California planned next month and I'm so excited! Brian is originally from there and he graciously invited me to visit! I can read all the guide books I want, all I want to eat is a burger from In-n-Out though.
  • Eating: Le Diplomate - Like I mentioned earlier, I met Brian's dad earlier this week and we all had dinner at this french restaurant. The food is excellent and I highly recommend their radish crudite and scallops!
  • Watching: The Bachelorette - I actually have never watched an episode prior to this season but after hearing a friend raving about one of the characters (Chad), I fell through a rabbit hole and it's now a new guilty pleasure! It's like watching a train wreck! I know none of the relationships being fostered on the show could possibly be healthy but I can't look away!
  • Wearing: ASOS longline bikini - I bought this last year but it's still cute! They have one size available right now but they have a bunch of other cute swimsuits that are pretty affordable!
  • Drinking: Romarin cocktail - I had this for the first time at Le Diplomate and it's delicious! It consists of vodka, rosemary and grapefruit! It's a great summery cocktail for a warm evening!
  • Obsessed with: J.Crew scallop swimsuit - I keep talking about swimsuits (and I may do a post on this too) but I got this scalloped one-piece and I think it's darling! It's a bit conservative but I personally like it a lot and I can't wait to wear it this summer!

Summer Whites | White Mesh Dress and Elastic Sandals

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12:00 PM
white mesh dress, straw hat, cobalt bag, Sole Society Joesy
Although I don't believe that we can only wear white after Memorial Day, there is something about wearing it now that it's "acceptable." I pulled out this dress for brunch with my friends last weekend and I noticed I wasn't the only one who had been waiting for the weather to be warm and dry - at least three other women walked in wearing their little white dresses! 
white mesh dress, straw hat, cobalt bag, Sole Society Joesy
white mesh dress, straw hat, cobalt bag, Sole Society Joesy
white mesh dress, straw hat, cobalt bag, sole society joesy
Thanks for reading!

Dress: H&M
Accessories: Forever 21 hat (similar here), LOFT sunglasses, Forever 21 bag (similar here)
Shoes: Sole Society Joesy

Snapchat Emoticode

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1:11 PM
Hello lovelies! I have a quick post for you today about my Snapchat account!
For those of you who don't know, my Snapchat is @deborahyi08 and sometimes I like to snap about the fun stuff going on in my life outside of the blog. Case in point:

Well now, you guys can find out what I'm wearing in my Snaps! When you see an emoticode in any of my snaps, take a screenshot and use your Shopstyle app to see what I'm linking to! The emoticode will usually consist of a ghost emoji and a rocket emoji followed my a few letters. Just tap "More" in the shopstyle app to upload my snap. It's easy!

That's all! I hate for this post to sound too advertise-y so I'll let you know now that I don't intend to link the crap out of all of my snaps - just the ones that will serve as a companion to my blog posts.

Health Nut | Pom Pom Shorts and Chambray

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12:00 PM
boohoo pom pom shorts, chambray, Ray Bans, iPhone
I’ve been on a healthy eating kick lately - I went and bought myself a ton of tofu and I’ve been trying to figure out new ways to incorporate it into my meals (I’ve even found a tofu smoothie recipe - could be either amazing or a disaster). I think going to the pool all the time has made me more self-conscious of my eating habits, combined with the fact that apparently Washington, DC is apparently the second healthiest city in America after Minneapolis that brought about this change.
In non health-related news, I'm wearing the shorts from my co-ord set from this post. I actually don't much like the way they look together, oddly enough but it adds a great punch of color when paired with my chambray shirt! If this outfit doesn't scream summer, I don't know what does.
boohoo pom pom shorts, chambray, Ray Bans, iPhone
boohoo pom pom shorts, chambray, Ray Bans, iPhone
Thanks for reading!

Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: Boohoo co-ord shorts
Accessories: Ray Ban sunglasses, Rifle Paper Co phone case

Shoes:  Chinese Laundry (similar here)

Currently... (Vol. 19)

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Ahh, summer! I had such a great summery week and I'm excited to share a snippet of it with you guys! Since Memorial Day, many pools in the area have opened for business and I've taken advantage! A lot of apartment buildings even have rooftop grills and I hung out with friends this week for a chill barbecue and pooltime fun!
Now, onto the list!
  • Wearing: J.Crew Factory gingham bikini - I took a flatlay photo of this swimsuit for Instagram and I got a few questions regarding the quality. It really held up and I love the summery classic print! 
  • Eating: Grilled corn on the cob - My friend invited me over to the rooftop pool at her apartment and we had corn cooked on the grill! SO yummy!
  • Drinking: Palm Breeze - I saw that they brought back Palm Breeze in the alcohol aisle at Harris Teeter and it reminded me of the Palm Breeze event I was invited to last year! It's so sugary and girly and not very strong but I loved having it poolside.
  • Reading: Freedom's Child by Jax Miller - This is a new book I got from Blogging for Books. It's a decent read so far and it kind of has a dark feel - sort of like Gillian Flynn novels with unlikeable main characters who struggle with mental anguish. I'll have a review up for this soon. 
  • Watching: Game of Thrones - I think you guys all know my love for all things GoT by now! I have to admit, I took a one-episode break after the fifth episode ("The Door") because my heart just couldn't take the heartbreak... but I am fully caught up now! 
  • Listening: Hamilton soundtrack - This has been my go-to for the past two weeks! It's such an amazing soundtrack (and actually really excellent to work out to). I highly recommend this Lin Manuel Miranda hip-hopera!

Product Review: Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

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12:00 PM
Review: Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule
Last winter, I really got into Korean beauty products and Korean skincare routines in general. One thing I learned I should be using to keep my skin from drying out. As many of you know, I have eczema and a constant struggle is preventing dry flakes from appearing on my skin, especially my face. I found out that a great hydrating solution is to use ampoules - supercharged and highly potent versions of serums. Ampoules are very concentrated in active ingredients that are meant to boost your skin, retain hydration, and help minimize acne scars and fine lines. Because of their concentration, you only need to use them once or twice a week. I found a great affordable version from Mizon called "Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule." Initially, the thought of putting anything with snail mucus in it grossed me out but if you want to know my thoughts, keep reading!
Review: Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule
Review: Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Packaging: I was quite drawn to the packaging - it almost looks like a medicine bottle! It has a dropper to help collect enough product for your face and so far that's worked rather well. I can, however, see a problem in the future with getting product towards the end where the dropper won't be able to reach it in the bottle properly so I'll have to dock a few points for that. 3.5/5
Formula: This was absolutely amazing!! Like I said earlier, I didn't like the idea of snail mucus getting anywhere on my skin but contrary to what I thought this would be like, this didn't feel slimy or sticky. It is a bit of a thicker liquid but it is unscented and a little goes a long way. I fill the dropper completely and use about half of what is inside for the week! It hydrates my skin but keeps the moisture locked in! Whenever I have a spot or am getting worried about a breakout, I dab a bit of this on my face and my skin problems are cleared! It's like magic! 5/5
Price: A one-ounce bottle costs about $12 on Amazon which is an amazing price for how much it does and how long it lasts. I bought this in February and I'm still haven't even used up half of it! 5/5

Have you tried any products from Mizon? What are your thoughts on it? 

Costs of Running a Blog

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12:00 PM
As someone who's been blogging for three years, I've figured out what works for me and what doesn't. It took a few tries getting the right camera, finding the right server, scoring the right computer programs, etc. but after a lot of trial and error, I think I can finally dish out some blogging advice.
Something I noticed that bloggers never seemed to discuss much was the actual cost of blogging. New bloggers tend to get swept up with the end result of making money but like any business (and it is a business), you have to put in the time and the money in order to make some.
In the interest of transparency, I put together a list of things that I consider to be essential to my blogging process and how much each item goes for in the market. Some of the items I paid full retail price while some I scored a deal on. Please keep in mind that these are my essentials and what is important to me may not be important to your blogging process. I would also like to note that I'm putting the retail prices, not what I actually paid.
Costs of Running a Blog
  1. Computer ($1,300): I feel like this goes without saying but having a good computer or laptop to work on is everything! I had an old Macbook Pro from 2008 that I had been working on and it wasn't until I got a new one last month that I realized how crap my old one was! I did a lot of editing and writing on my old Macbook (obviously) but there would be a lag when I typed and sometimes I wouldn't be able to catch spelling or minor grammar errors because my computer was so slow and I didn't have the patience to reread sentences after I spent an hour writing something that normally would have taken me 20 minutes. A good responsive computer or laptop is key to blogging success (and low blood pressure). 
  2. Camera ($365): One of my priorities when it comes to blogging is having quality photographs. I firmly believe that a camera doesn't necessarily make the photographer and truly skilled artists can take stunning photos with simply the camera from a phone. That said, having a nice camera certainly helps. I don't considered myself skilled enough to have a full blown DSLR but I do plan on making the upgrade soon. Currently, I use my Samsung NX1100 which is an interchangeable lens camera. It takes quality photos and gets the job done for me.
  3. iPhone ($200 + monthly charges): A smartphone is incredibly handy to have - I handle all my social media accounts from my iPhone 6s and even edit Instagram photos while occasionally blogging on the go! 
  4. External Hard Drive ($60): I never really understood the importance of an external hard drive until I got my new Macbook Pro and had to transfer everything over! I also use it to store all my blog photos (just in case).
  5. URL ($12 per year): I really dragged my feet with this but I'm so glad I did! It's pretty inexpensive and dreadfully convenient if you ever want to change platforms without losing readers.
  6. Internet connection ($40 per month): This is quite silly to think about but incredibly important nonetheless. 
Total cost: $1,977

What are your thoughts on these blogging essentials? Are there any you guys would take out or add to the list? 

4 Ways to Update Your Makeup Bag For Summer

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12:00 PM
I'm not a beauty blogger by any means! I have stuck to the same beauty routine for the past two years while maybe changing up my lipstick game once in a while. That said I think there are little things you can do to change up your routine to get ready for summer besides the "add sunscreen" - that just goes without saying in my book. Here are four things I did:
Philosophy A-Z Cream, Revlon Lip Butter, ELF contour palette
  1. Add a lighter base: Winter is for the heavy matte foundations, summer is for lightweight BB creams or tinted moisturizers! On the most humid of days, I skip that altogether and wear sunscreen and concealer on the parts I need it. 
  2. Ditch the powders: I go for less makeup in the summer because I usually end up sweating it off anyway. Powders are usually the first to go so I just skip it altogether. Instead I opt for cream products like my Nars "The Multiple." This can be used as a blush, a highlighter, eyeshadow, and lipstick! And the cream consistency will make sure it lasts even on the hottest of days.
  3. Bring on the bronzer: I also like the idea of skipping the blush and going for a more sun-kissed look with a bronzer during the summer months! 
  4. Swap the lip colors: I like going with bright when it's sunny out and my lip colors are no exception! I like bright fuchsias and reds!
What are some ways you've updated your beauty routine?

Tourist Season | Romper Dress and Strappy Shoes

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12:00 PM
I had been looking for any excuse to wear this romper - and it is a romper, not a dress! It’s so bold and quite different from my usual aesthetic but I like the cut out details (that’s something I’ve been really into lately), and the classic stripes. The material is a heavy-ish twill material that I find elevates the look! It was the perfect outfit for a sunny day in the District. 
Speaking of sunny days in DC, I can tell it's tourist season again - I live downtown and whenever there are swarms of confused-looking people, I know it's tourist season. I guess since it's summer break for a lot of school-age kids, people would want to come to Washington for a summer history lesson of sorts. Thinking about the visitors made me think about potentially coming up with a DC travel guide for those who are thinking of coming out here at some point. A guide with some of my favorite "hidden gems" in the city, if you will.  Is that something you guys would be interested in reading about? Let me know in the comments below!

Are any of you guys out there planning a trip this summer? Tell me about it in the comments!

Romper: Zara
Accessories: LOFT sunglasses
Shoes: Zara