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Currently... (Vol. 27)

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7:24 PM
The weekend has really just flown by, and so has August! I can't believe this upcoming week will be the last of the month and Summer is ending! 
I had an excellent week filled with good people and fun activities! For a lot of people who do advocacy work, it was a slow week in DC because Congress is in recess. I took advantage of the slow pace and got caught up on my reading and podcasts and discovered some new favorites. Here are a few of those:
  • Reading: Stardust by Neil Gaiman - I loved the movie starring Charlie Cox and Claire Danes. I also love everything by Neil Gaiman so I knew I had to pick up this book! I haven't had as much time to read it as I'd like (news articles were prioritized), but it's such a beautifully written book! 
  • Watching: Stardust - Because I'm reading the book, I decided to watch the movie. It was just as good as I remembered! If you've never seen this adventure/fantasy film, I highly recommend it! It's cute and lovely!
  • Wearing: ASOS tassel dress - I bought this dress on sale at ASOS and it's been perfect for these hot swampy few days! I'm planning on having an OOTD on it soon here.
  • Listening: My Favorite Murder podcast - I was looking for a new podcast to listen to while I work and someone recommended this podcast since I have a morbid fascination with true crime. It's so fun to listen to and the hosts have a very interesting way of telling their favorite stories of murder and crime. 
  • Drinking: Lemon water - I have this great water bottle that lets me put fruit and such into it and it's really been encouraging me to drink more water. I've been putting lemon slices in it. Let's just hope I actually stick to this "drinking more water" thing. 
Thanks for reading!

Blog Maintenance To-Do List

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12:00 PM
I did a blog makeover back in February of this year but I still have a lot other things I have to tweak that I've been putting off (bad blogger over here). The next few months, I'm planning on doing some housekeeping with this blog and update a few things to keep things current. If it's been a while since you've done some blog maintenance, you can use my to-do list as well! 

  1. Update my header and logo: I used to have a really great header created Jen but I've been working with her on a new one to go with this updated layout. I have been dragging my feet on wrapping this project up but I'm going to prioritize this one.
  2. Fix or delete broken links: I have a ton of broken links on this site. Not because I'm purposefully adding them, but it's usually the links to items featured on this blog that get deleted on the other end. I used a broken links checker and I apparently have over 900!! That's ridiculous and I am working on getting those links removed or updated. 
  3. Update photos to make them SEO friendly: I found out way too late about making images on my blog SEO friendly. There's a whole article on this exact subject but I'm planning on just taking an afternoon or two to make sure all of my photos have an a title and alt text.
  4. Delete old and irrelevant posts: I'm not exactly a fan of self scrubbing the internet but some of my posts are just not relevant any more. I think this is a good time to get rid of those posts.
What are some items on your blog maintenance to-do list?

Oh Baby | Polka Dot Dress and Studded Pumps

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12:00 PM
Dress: ASOS (old, similar here) || Accessories: Tory Burch bag, LOFT sunglasses || Shoes: Sole Society Tiia

Last Saturday I went to a baby shower and this was the outfit I wore. I actually have very little experience with baby showers (and babies in general) and I went to it with a bit of apprehension. Frankly, babies and things to do with babies make me a bit nervous, though I can't really put my finger on why. Once I got there, my nerves were put at ease because it was quite lovely! The decorations were quite beautiful and fun and I was clearly not the only one there who came with a bit of trepidation. I had a great time!

Anyone with any baby shower experiences? Let me know about them in the comments!

Beginner's Makeup Collection for Less Than $50

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12:00 PM
While I'm no makeup junkie, I've figured out what works best for me. This required years of trial and error on my part and while I have a pretty sizable collection of makeup now, there are a few things I wish I knew when I was just starting out. I didn't really start wearing makeup until my third year of college and back then I seriously had no idea what I was doing. I used to buy eyeshadow palettes in colors I would never wear and foundations in shades that were way off. In this post, I'm listing a few items that I've come to love (that are pretty affordable) for those of you who are just starting out with makeup.
  • L'Oreal Lumi Touch Cushion Foundation ($15): I love this because it gives your skin a soft glow without the need for a separate highlighter! I also think the application is quite easy as well - just tap your makeup sponge on the cushion with foundation on it and it will give you a light yet buildable coverage.
  • Elf Contour Kit ($4): I've used more high end bronzers but I always come back to this Elf compact. It comes with a pretty blush that some say is a dupe for NARS's Orgasm blush. I just like the gold flecks on it and the matte bronzer is easy to use.
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Ink Eyeliner ($8): I am super clumsy when it comes to liquid liners until they started packing them in pen form! I imagine most beginners may be like me when it comes to liquid liners as well so I highly recommend this product. The color is very pigmented and the tip is quite fine so it's easy to go over any mistakes you may make (I certainly make my fair share when I'm trying to wing my liner!)
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara ($6): I've used quite a few mascaras but my current favorite is the Lash Sensational mascara by Maybelline. The wand is easy to use and clump free.
  • Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette in "Sunbaked Neutrals" ($5): This palette is life! I used to use a quad shadow back in college called "Chai Latte" (also by Maybelline). When I went to pick up a fresh new palette once I hit the pan on it, I discovered this palette. Lo and behold, this palette contains all four shades from "Chai Latte" plus a couple others so I promptly took it home. Love this and if you like neutral shades, you'll like this too!
  • Maybelline Color Whisper in "Rose of Attraction" ($6): If you like soft, subtle lip colors that don't dry out your lips, this is for you! I love this 'my lips but better' shade and the very hydrating formula.
The grand total of all of these products: $44!

What would you add or take away from this list?

Casual Date Night | Lace Sweater and Floral Romper

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12:00 PM

Top: H&M sweater (similar here) || Bottoms: Forever 21 romper, worn as shorts (similar here) || Accessories: Kate Spade crossbody, Forever 21 choker (similar here) || Shoes: Sole Society Joesy 

Can you tell I really like this sweater? I've worn it for so many outfit posts lately! I can't help it - it's really lightweight and a perfect layering piece because of the lace hem!
I wore this to a casual dinner date one evening (before I left for Portland, that is). I had a crazy packing list and I was just happy to make time to get out of the house. We ate at Mandu's (a Korean fusion restaurant) and I left a full and happy girl!
I love throwing on my sweater over rompers like this because I think it creates a whole new look so effortlessly. Plus, rompers are so comfortable! Loose ones like mine are perfect for hiding my food baby! :P

Thanks for reading!

Currently... (Vol. 26)

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12:00 PM
The end of another week has come and another Monday is to arrive. I've been so jetlagged for most of the week but I'm looking forward to rebooting into another one. 
Now, onto some of the things I've enjoyed currently:

  • Reading: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari - I finally finished Freedom's Child (review will be up soon) and picked up this book. I went to Powell's Books and saw that they had this up as one of their bestsellers. I'd been meaning to read this as it had great reviews and I wasn't disappointed! It's non-fiction and all about how technology and modern culture has changed the dating landscape for today's singles. I highly recommend it!
  • Listening: The Wild Reeds - I caught them playing the song "Where I'm Going" in Portland and I was very intrigued. They're a great indie-folk band for those who are into that. 
  • Eating: Phil''s Fish Market - This Californian treat was where Brian took me when we toured Monterey. Apparently this is a Northern Californian sweet spot place that used to be small but has blown up in recent years. I had clam chowder in a bread bowl and it was delicious!
  • Watching: The Little Prince on Netflix - I was so excited to watch this as Le Petit Prince was one of my favorite books! It is adorable and you should check it out!
  • Wearing: Sole Society Tiia pumps - I have two pairs of these shoes: one in the black color, and another in the nude "adobe" color. They are fabulous and an affordable alternative to the Valentino Rockstud pumps. Every time I wear them, I get so many compliments!
Thanks for reading!

The Vineyards of Gilroy

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12:00 PM
My last day in California I went with Brian and his family to a few vineyards in Gilroy. It's funny because when I used to think of Californian vineyards, I would think of Napa Valley. When I mentioned this to Brian, he scoffed and told me he thought Napa was overrated. Shows how much I know :/
Well, I didn't make it to Napa but the Gilroy vineyards were spectacular! The weather was quite hot but a dry heat without humidity. Coming from the swampy DC, this was fantastic weather. 

Thanks for reading!

San Francisco and Monterey | Striped Flats and Comfy Leggings

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12:00 PM
Top: Forever 21 tee (similar here), Forever 21 chambray || Bottoms: Zara (similar here) | Accessories: Tory Burch bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses || Shoes: H&M (similar here)

I left Portland on last Thursday and headed to California, the Bay area to be exact, where my boyfriend was waiting for me. Brian is originally from there and he graciously gave me a tour of some of his favorite places and some of the places I wanted to see! First stop was San Francisco! I got a tour of his old university campus, walked along the Golden Gate Bridge, and even met chef Jaques Pepin! 
Day two, we took a stroll down Cannery Row in Monterey where we had coffee (or a mocha in my case) at the Ghiradelli's. I actually didn't know this but Ghiradelli was originally founded in San Francisco so I was excited to grab something chocolatey there. We then drove through Pebble Beach. We stopped at a place called Roy's for some wine by the outdoor fire pit (it was a bit chilly). 

Tune in tomorrow for my post on my Gilroy vinyard trip!

Portland Arts

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12:00 PM

Next up on my travel itinerary was the Portland Art Museum!

I was particularly fond of my visit to this museum because they had an exhibit on Native American inspired modern fashion. As a fashion blogger, I knew I had to see this!

If you're ever in the Portland area, be sure to visit the Portland Art Museum!