Sleepy Holly | White Shirt Dress and Fancy Eye Mask

Holly Golightly sleep mask shirtdress
Happy Halloween! As you can see from my costume, I'm dressing up as Holly Golightly this year! I've done Audrey Hepburn's Little Black Dress look in the past but I thought I'd do a bit of a different (and much more comfortable take) this year with her night gown and sleep mask look from the movie. I think this look is highly underrated - it was super comfortable! I wore this look to a Halloween party over the weekend. I'm usually more about staying warm than looking sexy but luckily we had a 75 degree day so I was covered. 

November 2016 Bucket List

I wish I could have been more active on my blog and social media this week but work duties and catching my boyfriend's cold kept me away. I am so excited for next week, though, and even more excited about November in general - mostly because November contains my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving!
Here are a couple of things I want to accomplish by the end of next month:

Sick Day | Blush Blazer and Magenta Heels

I wish I could post an actual outfit of the day but as I was traveling last weekend and caught a cold this week, this flatlay was all I could manage: 
I was planning to wear this look for the blog but I didn't have the time nor the energy. I think I'll wear this another time when I'm not sick and very busy organizing meetings at work.
Thanks for reading! 

Book Club: Modern Romance

I know I'm so late on the Aziz Ansari book train but I am so glad I picked up this book! I saw a used copy of Modern Romance on sale at Powell's books while visiting Jen in Oregon so I figured now was as good a time as ever to read it cover to cover.

Indy Wedding | Navy Lace Dress and Glitter Shoes

What an exciting weekend I had! If you follow me on Snapchat (@deborahyi08), you may have seen that I was in Indianapolis for a wedding! I actually didn't know anybody there, including the couple tying the knot. I came as Brian's plus-one and he's friends with the bride.
I always find weddings a bit daunting to dress for. I had to ask around quite a bit to make sure I would be dressed appropriately. I find ASOS to be a great place to find wedding guest attire at a reasonable price. This dress was under $100 and considering how comfy it was (the roomy stomach area was a priority for me), I think it was definitely worth the money.

Morning Cup | White Shirt Dress and Bow Sweater

In the mornings, I like to walk to work with a fresh cup of coffee. My apartment building gives us free coffee on weekday mornings and I like to take advantage of that (my Keurig and I have a weekend arrangement). It's a perfect shield against the crisp, cool autumn air! 
I bought this shirtdress for a Halloween costume I'm planning this year but it's pretty enough on its own, I think. I wore it with this sweater because it was a bit chilly that morning but I really like the warm-toned color palette of this outfit.

Lady in Red | Little Red Dress and Tall Boots

I bought this dress I'm wearing here a while back when it went on sale at ASOS. Unfortunately, it had been too hot outside to wear anything long-sleeved for a while but now that it's cool again I'm excited to pull this out of my closet to wear around town!

On a completely unrelated note, I've been wanting to cut my hair for a month now! I quite like having short-ish hair and it's beginning to get too long for my tastes. I've been holding off on getting it cut because I have a wedding I'm attending soon and I just didn't want to change up my look right before then. After the wedding I think I'm going to get a long bob again, but similar to Sarah Hyland? We'll see. 

Kitchen Diaries: Slow Cooked Chicken with Broccoli and Cheddar

Hello lovelies!
Today, I wanted to share a recipe I've been sitting on for almost a year! It's a slow cooker recipe that involves cheese, chicken, and broccoli (my favorites!) This is a recipe that serves about 4-6 but as I mentioned in my previous post about what I eat, I make this dish once and I have lunch for about a week! 

What I Eat in a Day

Today, I'd like to share with you guys what I eat in a typical day. I'll admit, I thought about writing this post about two weeks ago and when I did, I thought a lot about what I actually eat. There was a temptation to fudge the post and say I eat a lot healthier than I do but I want to put my real self forward:

My Lips But Better

I love bright lips for summer, dark lips for autumn and winter, and red lips for special occasions. That said, most days, I reach for one of my ever-growing collection of "MLBB" or "My Lips but Better" lipsticks. Now what, pray tell, are "My Lips but Better" lipsticks, you may ask? They're lip colors in shades that are similar to your original lip color but, better. I think most of you know what I mean. They're great for an every-day look or even a "no makeup" makeup look. 
Here are some of my favorite shades: