Product Review: Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent Perfume

Disclosure: I received complimentary press samples products or services for this post. As always, all opinions are my own. I only ever accept products I truly love or believe in.

I have an incredibly sensitive nose that I consider both a blessing and a curse. I can smell food in the break room of my office from a mile away (blessing) but I'm very susceptible to strong perfume scents as well (curse). It's no surprise that I tend to gravitate away from most perfumes because I can't really stand the scent. If I do get perfume, I go for more fruity scents but I'm trying to get better about it as that tends to be more youthful (which I'm unfortunately starting to age away from). 

Holiday Playlist

Happy first day of December and first day of Blogmas here at CPPC! Blogmas is something I've always wanted to do but never really got a chance to because the Holidays are a very busy time for me (I mean, it is for everyone but I just find it harder to keep up with my blogging in December). Blogmas, for those who don't know, is essentially an advent calendar on my blog. Every post from now until Christmas will be Christmas or Holiday related. 

Books I Did NOT Finish

I rarely give up on books. I once read all of War and Peace when I was 12 (even though I didn't understand the subject matter) because I didn't like the idea of a book beating me. I tend to love most books I read (especially the ones they made us read in school - I loved them all) and I think it takes a lot for me to not like a book. I've written 47 book reviews on this blog and I've only disliked two of the 47 so that should tell you something about how much it takes for me to actually stop reading a book and try to forget I even started it.

Product Review: Physician's Formula Butter Highligher

Disclosure: I received complimentary press samples products or services for this post. As always, all opinions are my own. I only ever accept products I truly love or believe in.

One makeup product I've been incredibly picky about is highlighter. It's hard for me to find a highlighter that's in the perfect shade, has the correct amount of pigment (not to bright, not too subtle), and lasts for as long as I want it to. 

5 Tools All Fashionistas Should Have

My mom likes to say that you're clothes are only as nice as long as you take care of them, and I think she's right. Clothing care is important and something that I haven't really seen being talked about all that much in the fashion blogging community. I'm here to tell you about the things I always like to keep on hand for my fashion emergencies.

Leucchtturm 1917 vs. Moleskine

Bullet journaling is my jam and I've tried various notebooks for bullet journaling purposes over the years but the two most popular in the bujo community (that's the real acronym, by the way. Isn't it weird?) are the Moleskine large notebooks and the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks. They're very similar looking and yet a lot of people have very strong preferences for one or the other. I'm here to break down the pros and cons of each and hopefully provide insights and help for those of you who are new to bullet journaling. 

Book Club: So You've Been Publicly Shamed

Jon Ronson has got to be one of my favorite reporters turned authors ever. His books are fascinatingly weird and funny while being incredibly insightful, well-written and entertaining - once I start, I don't stop reading his books until I'm done. Therefore it was with great excitement that  I reached for his book, So You've Been Publicly Shamed.

Photography and Blogging (Vol. 2): Camera Basics

I waited a while before I got my very first DSLR. I started my blog with a small point-and-shoot camera with the conviction that one doesn't need fancy equipment to be a style blogger. I actually still maintain that notion but that said, I happen to love the way my photos turn out with a lens that can give me that fancy blurred background. 
I took my time getting to learn the functions of my point-and-shoot, then learning all the functions of my interchangeable lens camera, and finally my DSLR. 
Full disclosure, I bought my current Canon EOS Rebel T5 from the refurbished section of the Canon website because I found that to be more affordable and less shady than a third party seller. If you have a tight budget, I recommend going the refurbished route as well. Buying fancy equipment is all well and good but unless you know how to use the functions, the camera is kind of wasted. Never fear, I am here to help you learn a couple of the basic functions of your DSLR to help get that perfect photo! There are three things you really need to understand first: Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture.

Ways I Practice Self-Care

self-care, macbook, bed

There are so many guides out there for self-care, and it makes sense! In a world where we're expected to be "on" all the time for others, we have to make sure we take care of ourselves. I don't want to get into the benefits of self-care because chances are, you know it already and it's been talked about a lot by everyone else. Instead, I'm sharing my tips on what I like to do for self-care.

Product Review: Missha All Around Safe Block

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If there's one thing my mom drilled into me as a kid, it's to take SPF seriously. My mother used to never let me out of the house unless I put on sunscreen of some kind. The older I get, the more I appreciate her advice as do a lot of other K-Beauty brands. If you've dipped your toes in the beauty community at all, you'll know that SPF is big thing because not only does it protect you against the sun's harmful UV radiation, it prevents skin cancers and premature aging. It'd be crazy not to use it, right?
I used to think sunscreens were basically all the same until I came across Missha's Safeblock in SPF 45. Missha is a Korean skincare brand and it's a popular one among k-beauty aficionados all over.

American Field

One of my favorite places to hang out in DC is Union Market. It's a warehouse in NE DC that hosts a lot of food and sundry vendors, some of which are permanent and some of which are pop ups. walk in and you'll encounter a lot of restaurants, pop up bars, artisans, a plant shop, a butcher, a fish market and many more! 

What NOT to Wear on a Flight

Travel season is upon ups! November and December are peak travel times due to the holidays so I figured now is a good time to talk about tips on how to dress while flying. Let's face it: air travel isn't always the most fun experience. There are long TSA lines, the dry recycled air, and the tight spaces that make for a less than enjoyable time. I'm here to help you figure out what NOT to wear so that your clothing can be one less thing to worry about during the stressful travel season.

November 2017 Bucket List

Happy Halloween guys! I can't believe October has flown by already. I probably sound like a broken record but I can't believe how quickly the month goes. I've been especially excited for November because of Thanksgiving (which happens to be my favorite holiday) and I'm eager to delve into my bucket list for the month

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving - obviously going to be the first on my list because it's the main reason I look forward to the month itself! My family's tradition is to make dumplings together and this year is no exception. 
  • Finish holiday shopping - I have quite the list of people I need to shop for this year and I am fully expecting to take advantage of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.
  • Celebrate Friendsgiving - My friend has been trying to coordinate a good time for a bunch of us to get together for months so this is the year we're going to actually make this happen! 
  • Drink a fall beverage - I'm not one for pumpkin spice anything (I know, I'm the worst), but I do like Starbucks' salted caramel mocha that I haven't had this season yet! I've been waiting for the weather to feel more fall-like and now that it's starting to, this will be the first to be crossed off my list.

What are some things on your bucket list?

Manhattans in DC

Manhattan cocktail, picnic, Makers Mark Bourbon

I wanted to get this posted before it makes no sense at all to have posts up of me in a dress when it's so cold out. Last month, Brian and I decided to have a date in the park and have a picnic. Being the bougie guy he is, Brian packed his mini cocktail kit and everything else he needed to make a Manhattan for himself. I must say, Brian makes a great Manhattan and I thought it would be a fun idea if I got him to share his recipe today. 

Empties (Vol. 4)

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.

Murad Essence, First Aid Beauty, Maybelline Mascara, Bumble and Bumble surf spray, Sarah's Sweet Scrubs

I think one of the weirdest things I do as a blogger is hoard all of the containers of products I've emptied so that I can use them in a photoshoot and review them all later. Some of these products have been empty for months and I just had to keep them around the house. I am hoping other bloggers can relate...

What to Track in Your Bullet Journal

Last weekend as I was cleaning my apartment (we still have a few boxes that haven't been put away yet, even though we moved in May!), I found a few of my old bullet journals and planners I've used throughout the years. I talked about my old planners and agendas on Instagram Stories (I even did a flip through!) and some of the things I currently track in the "Habit Tracker" section of my bullet journal. I thought about making a video about this but I'm still setting up my vlogging situation so I figured a blog post about it would be easier for the time being. 

October 2017 Bucket List

Bando Agenda, ShopBando, flatlay, October Bucket List

I've been so behind with my posts - this was supposed to go out last weekend but I wasn't feeling well and work kept me busy so here it is today: My bucket list for the month of October. 
This month, I'm looking forward to just relaxing and doing things that make me happy. September was just such a busy time for me and all I want to do now is wear warm sweaters and crawl under blankets with a mug of warm apple cider.

  • Make apple cider from my slow cooker: I did this for the first time last year and it turned out so great! We had fun getting the apples, making juice, adding our spices, and since Brian has a pretty heavy whiskey hand, it was a big hit at the Halloween party we brought it to. I'm so excited to do it again! Speaking of Halloween...
  • Find the perfect Halloween costume: I'm not the biggest costume person. Last year I went as Holly Golightly and the year before that I was the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who. They were pretty minimalist costumes that didn't require much commitment nor effort and I don't see my laziness when it comes to Halloween changing any time soon. I need something that's going to be easy to put together but very recognizable. If you guys have any suggestions, send them my way!
  • Read The Raven: This is my annual October tradition - reading the classic Edgar Allan Poe novella. I'm excited to pick up my copy again!
  • Go vegetarian for a week: This is something I'm going to be doing - going vegetarian is something I've been wanting to try for a while now. I've always hesitated because I absolutely love red meat. Early this year, though, I cut red meat out of my budget (not diet) which surprisingly has been going quite well and I don't miss it at all! For health reasons I want to try a vegetarian diet for at least a week. If I can manage longer, I may just do that! 
  • Sober October: I'm not a heavy drinker to begin with but I just want to see if I can go this entire month without drinking (meaning my apple cider will have to be one without the whiskey).
What are some of the things on your October Bucket List?

Coffee Tasting

Coffee brewing, the Wydown, Rare Bird Coffee Roasters

Late last September, Brian and I went to a coffee-tasting event on H St., hosted by a local coffee shop here in DC called, The Wydown. As a coffee lover and a blogger, I grabbed my camera and trekked to The Wydown to sample of some of the best that DC coffee roasters have to offer. 

Three Small Habits to Form to Get More Organized

Empty purse, organized, habits, organize, make bed

I admit, sometimes I get too busy to maintain an organized life. For the past few weeks work has been ridiculously busy. Now that things are starting to slow down and I'm starting to realize that I have let things slide at home that I really need to take care of. I haven't done laundry in a few weeks even! (Anyone else have months like that? Please tell me I'm not alone). It makes me think, if I only took a couple minutes every single day to just put things away or tidy things up a little, I wouldn't have such a mess on my hands that I have to take care of once I get a day off! 
In my attempt to get a bit more organized going forth, here are a few changes I'm planning on making to my daily routine and I hope they help you too. 

Currently... (Vol. 51)

This has been a very tiring week to say the least! Work has been keeping my quite busy but I've managed to get all my posts up this week and start my newsletter! If you haven't already signed up for it, please do so! I'm planning on having my first email newsletter out on Monday and I hope you enjoy it.

My Skincare Products Updates

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Last year, I wrote a post on my skincare routine that consisted of a ten-step process. For the most part, I still have the same routine, albeit I use a scaled down version on nights I'm too tired to bother (more on that another time). I have, however, updated a couple products and changed up some of the things I use. I like to think that my skincare routine is constantly evolving to match my evolving skin. I want to share some of the new things that work for me:

September 2017 Bucket List

I am so so so excited that it's finally September! I always feel like September is a fresh start in the year - kids are going back to school, summer is ending and the air gets cool and crisp. Fall is my favorite season and September always marks the start of that.