Ambivert | Daphne Booties and Draped Cardigan

Top: H&M cardigan, Forever 21 sweater || Bottoms: J.Crew jeans || Accessories: LOFT aviator sunglasses, H&M bag, Kate Spade necklace (similar here) || Shoes: Sole Society Daphne boots 

When I first took the Myers-Briggs test, I was told I was an ambivert on the E vs I scale. I only scored as 52% in extraversion, meaning I’m pretty introverted as well. I have good friends who are quite introverted and would never see me as an introvert but Brian is an extravert and I am a lot more introverted than him. 
What does this mean for me? It means I’ll go to parties but I’ll go home early. It means I plan out my week in such a way that I’m socializing a few times a week. It means I’m scheduling alone times throughout the week as well. 
I used to think being an ambivert meant I was going to be peachy in any and all social situations but as I get older, I’m realizing this is not as easy as I thought. I realized that I actually need to have both in equal portions. As Brian is an extravert, he used to invite me to parties and I used to go to all of them until I realized I was getting burned out. Then I stopped going altogether and started getting stir-crazy at home. It took me a while to strike a good balance. Just when you think you have a good thing…

Are there any of you guys who are ambiverts as well? Tell me how you deal.


  1. I think I'm an ambivert too although over the past year I've been very antisocial :/ One of my 2017 resolutions is to be more outgoing and social! Like you said it's all about finding a good balance :) Love the look! You look so cozy and cool. And the hot beverage is the perfect accessory lol

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. I'm an ambivert too! This sounds weird but I schedule out when I want to be social. That way I know if I should say or no. For the other days (I'm not socializing), I dedicate it to myself. I'm still trying to find that balance but so far it is working!

  3. I just looove comfy looks, and that cardigan is amazing ♥

  4. I'm definitely an introvert! I'm prioritising a little bit of quiet time every day although it's hard to get with two boys, but I feel I need it to keep sane!

    Love your cosy cardi - what a beautiful drape, such a nice style.

    Hope you are having a wonderful start to the year and the first week of 2017 is going well!

    Away From The Blue Blog | 5 Year Blogaversary Giveaway

  5. I love this sheepskin sweater, so cute!...I took the Meyers Briggs (well the online, quick version) a while back and came out over 90% extrovert. Crazy, right?? I think despite your personality type, balance is the key.
    Happy New Year! Xo,
    New England Romance

  6. Love the cardigan, it looks so cozy! I typically score as a introvert in these tests, but I still get restless if I'm alone for too long. Balance is definitely key, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert :)

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  7. Oooh, this cardigan looks super cozy, doll!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Such a gorgeous and classy outfit. Love your black booties and your simple necklace! You're stunning!

  9. Happy New Year honey! Wish you all the best! I love this casual look on you!

  10. That cardigan looks super cozy! Love this simple look!

    xo, Chloe //

  11. Dear Deborah,
    congratulations, you found this solution for you! Although I'm convinced most of the people think I'm extrovert I need also time for me and I'm neither a party girl.
    You look beautiful and cool in your look with the denims!
    xx Rena

  12. I'm an introvert an I feel that its better to be an ambivert. I'm the kind of person who finds social situations rather uncomfortable unless I'm in the company of close friends and family and I feel that I should try and change that.
    Your outfit is so pretty and I love the shoes you're wearing!

    The Pretty Lady


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