Currently... (Vol. 35)

Wow, first "Currently" post of 2017! 
...Which is probably a weird time to tell you guys that I'm planning on taking a short break from outfit posts. I had a rough week and with the snow and the freezing cold we had this past weekend, I thought this was a sign that I should focus on writing about things that really matter to me instead of going picture-heavy with outfit posts. But not to worry, I'm making plans for outfit posts the week after. I just want to try something new. 
That said, here are a few things I am enjoying currently:

  • Writing: My new tumblr - I made a new Tumblr guys! Go check it out if you can. It' going to be a companion blog to my main blog but I'm hoping to use it as an extension to my Instagram (which I hope you also check out if you aren't already). 
  • Wearing: Sperry Top-Sider Sweetwater duck boots - I finally got myself a pair of duck boots for the winter (like pretty much every blogger out there now). They are unbelievably warm and were perfect during the snow flurries we got! I didn't slip once! 
  • Watching: Bachelor - After watching last season's Bachelorette, I'm hooked! I'm really interested in seeing who's going to come out on top and who Nick Viall will choose!
  • Drinking: Union Drinkery - Brian and I spent New Years Eve at this local DC bar. They have excellent cocktails with a hipster vibe, but in a way that's not pretentious, if that makes sense? If you're ever in the area definitely check this place out!
  • Playing: Mario Run on iPhone - I got so excited when this game came out on iPhone! How many toads have you guys collected?
Thanks for reading!


  1. sounds like a great start to the new year! happy new year.

  2. Dear Deborah,
    I see you are consequent with your decisions, this speaks in your favours!
    And the bar where you have been at NYE must really be a great place to celebrate!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. I love your currently posts!! Have you ever watched the tv show "Good Witch"? I'm hooked! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

    1. I haven't seen it but I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I'm probably in the stoneage, but I don't 100% get tumblr-- is it like a combo of instagram and pinterest? Yours looks so cool/pretty! Going to download Mario Run asap!

    1. It's basically microblogging - a combination of instagram and pinterest sounds about right haha!


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