Currently... (Vol. 37)

This weekend I escaped Washington, DC and went to a cabin in the woods - Harper's Ferry, WV to be exact. I know I could have marched with my fellow women but honestly, I was just tired. The idea that I would be a neighbors with a president who is surrounded by so much controversy was enough to exhaust and overwhelm me. When I feel like that, it usually means I've been expending a lot of emotional energy and need a break.
I was, however, incredibly happy to hear that collectively, 2.5 million people around the US (and the world) came out to march for women. Two and a half million people who believe in equal rights came out to say they don't agree with the way the new President has spoken of and treated women. Two and a half million people who stood up to say that we will fight any form of bigotry. Two and a half million people who were fired up and ready to go. Thank you all for doing what I should have been doing. I work in politics myself and I promise will fight the good fight too. 
That's not to say I regretted going to Harper's Ferry. As I saw the millions of people marching and my friends in town saying they couldn't get on the metro because it was so crowded, I was kind of glad I went away. I don't do too well in crowds. It was nice to breath fresh air, hike a mountain pass, and visit the quaint (and cute) little town. We took the train both ways and the scenery was gorgeous! I'm planning on writing a post all about it soon. 
Anyways, on to the things I've been enjoying currently: 

  • Reading: Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman - I love all things Neil Gaiman and this short story was definitely a wacky and fun read! If you like nonsensical stories that actually have a point, I recommend this one. It should only take you about an hour or so to read it so it's not a big commitment. 
  • Wearing: Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Duck Boots - I know, I raved about these boots in my last Currently post but I love them! They were especially handy when hiking the muddy (and I mean muddy) mountain trails in Harper's Ferry!
  • Listening: Hamilton Mixtape - I love Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda so of course I loved the mixtape! As a 90s kid, I was so excited to see Ashanti and Ja Rule singing Helpless! So amazing for sure!
  • Loving: Harper's Ferry - I never thought I would find anything I would love in West Virginia but I'm so glad I was wrong. There's something so quietly charming about this town. We were already making plans to come back in the summer to go tubing, in fact! If you're ever in a hiking mood, definitely try the Maryland trail - that was the best workout for my glutes in a while!
Thanks for reading!


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