Currently...(Vol. 41)

Reading: - As fan of true crime, I LOVE this website! I first heard about it on a true crime podcast, "My Favorite Murder," and I knew I had to look it up!
Watching: The Select - Brian and I went to see another play at the Shakespeare Theatre called The Select, based on Ernest Hemingway's novel, The Sun Also Rises. I quite enjoyed it, as usual, but it definitely wasn't my favorite (my favorite is still The Secret Garden). 
Wearing: Essie Gel Couture Polish in 'Fairly Tailor' - I ran out of my usual 'Ballet Slippers' but instead of getting another of the same bottle, I decided to get a similar shade in the gel polish line. I love it and it's long lasting!
Eating: Pho from Sprig and Sprout - I am obsessed with pho when it's cold out like it was this week with the snow storm. Sprig and Sprout has THE best broth in the city! What is pho without good broth?

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