Currently...(Vol. 42)

I haven't done a 'Currently' post in about a month! April has been a crazy busy month and while it doesn't seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon I'm ready to at least take a few minutes for myself and get this post out for you guys. 
Work has been busy (what else is new?) but I also dealt with a bit of an emotional heaviness this week. I don't know how closely you guys follow Youtube news but I recently found out about a Youtuber who (as a "prank") appeared to emotionally verbally, and at times physically abuse his children. I don't want to link to the channel and bring in more attention to them but watching the kids being put through a lot of emotional trauma reminded me of some of the heavier things in my past. I don't want to talk about what I went through here in my blog but I do want give everyone who has ever been put through abuse of any kind a big virtual hug. You are loved and no one deserves to be abused. 
Now that that's done, here are some of the things that I've been enjoying:

#MyPerfectWorld with Origins | Magenta Heels and Camel Coat

Top: H&M sweater (similar here) || Coat: Zara (similar here) || Bottoms: H&M jeans ||Accessories: Loft sunglasses, Zara bag (similar here), Kate Spade necklace (similar here) || Shoes: Zara (similar here)

I recently attended an event sponsored by Influenster and Origins for their #MyPerfectWorld event. The closest event location to me was in Clarendon so Brian and I hopped on the metro and made our way to see what would make our perfect world. 
Before I go into the event coverage, I want to do a mini review of some of the products I was sent by Influenster. I was given five sample products from Origins' skincare lines for review. While I was given these products for free, all of the below reviews are my own opinions.

Formal Event Makeup Picks

I fell a bit behind in my blogging schedule and I meant to have this post up a lot sooner (sorry!) This is all about the makeup I wore to New York Fashion Week but honestly, this is a look that would work for a lot of different formal occasions. I made sure to pack my very favorites and I'd like the share them with you.

Spring with Tobi

Springtime (and especially early springtime) can be a difficult season to dress for. Here in DC the temperatures go from 45 degrees in the morning to 75 in the afternoon. How do you dress for that??
Lucky for you I partnered with Tobi to created two spring looks - one for cold spring days, and one for warmer days. 
Tobi is one of the brands I absolutely love for their cool-girl aesthetic! In fact, I bough a couple items from them in the past to prepare for my trip to Hawaii this summer. I'm really excited to style two very fabulous and trendy pieces this spring ; a lace-up bodysuit (that is sure to be a hit in the summer as well), and a floral convertible dress (that would also fit right in at the beach or by the pool).
Top: c/o Tobi, H&M jacket || Bottoms: Zara || Accessories: H&M bag, Loft sunglasses, Kate Spade necklace || Shoes: Sole Society

April 2017 Bucket List

Whoo what a month March ended up being! From two plays at the Shakespeare Theatre to nights at the National Gallery of Art, I ended up having a lot of social engagements. April is already shaping up to be a busy month as well! I've already had a blogging event I went to yesterday (I'll have a post up on that soon), and a few others lined up as well. 
Here are a few other items on my bucket list for the month: