Annapolis, MD | Striped Ruffle Top and Comfy Jeans

Top: J.Crew Factory || Bottoms: J.Crew || Accessories: H&M bag, Kate Spade necklace (similar here) || Shoes: Zara (similar here)

Greetings from Annapolis! Well... I was there last week anyway. Brian and I rented a car for the weekend and headed down south to Maryland's capital. I gotta say, Annapolis is a very charming city - slightly too preppy for my taste (to be expected, of course), but the history and the harbor really tugged at my heartstrings. Oh and the crabs. All of the lovely, delicious crabs. 

We only spent part of a day there so we managed to see a lot of the sights in the downtown area but we made sure to make a pit stop at Cantler's (like I mentioned in my last 'Currently' post) for clams and steamed crabs. I wonder if it's possible for me to be more in love with a place? I seriously considered getting a car just so I could come here every day for crabs! So delicious with all that Old Bay seasoning!
Of course we stopped by the Maryland State House building. As political nerds we started to talk about potentially starting a lobbying firm right in the heart of Annapolis and start doing state advocacy instead of national advocacy. I mean, if it would get me closer to the steamed crabs, I am in!

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  1. Those steamed crabs looked so delicious!! I also love that top of yours! So cute!

  2. This outfit is so lovely and Annapolis looks like a very cute city!

  3. So cute - I love the little ruffle sleeves! xo

  4. Dear Deborah, what you wore for the road trip is perfect! I see you had a wonderful day - you had a really good idea to rent a car for your trip.
    And I can imagine you political pros discuessed interesting things :)
    xx Rena

  5. I am in the mood for some seafood now:)) I love this casual look!


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