April 2017 Bucket List

Whoo what a month March ended up being! From two plays at the Shakespeare Theatre to nights at the National Gallery of Art, I ended up having a lot of social engagements. April is already shaping up to be a busy month as well! I've already had a blogging event I went to yesterday (I'll have a post up on that soon), and a few others lined up as well. 
Here are a few other items on my bucket list for the month: 
  • Go to the Sakura Matsuri festival: I absolutely love going to the Japanese cherry blossom festival every year! All of the yummy foods, knick knacks, and the gorgeous flowers! 
  • Move house: I'm moving to a new place at the end of this month! I'm not going too far from my current place (just about an extra 10 minute walk), but it's a new neighborhood and a new part of DC I've never lived in. I'm excited and nervous and I really can't wait to make lots of new memories at my new apartment!
  • Pick a new spring scent: I haven't really experimented with perfumes all too much but I'm starting to feel that I've outgrown my Marc Jacobs 'Oh Lola!' scent. I sampled a few fragrances at Sephora this past weekend (I also helped Brian pick out a new cologne hehe). I am quite partial to fresh and slightly citrus-y scents (musky scents just aren't "me"), and I really liked Versace Yellow Diamond and I may just pull the trigger and get it this month. 
  • Shop at the farmer's market: I LOVE farmer's markets and Spring to me always is marked by the return of farmer's markets in the city! Yay for fresh produce!
  • Celebrate Easter: Of course, my April won't be complete until I have an Easter meal with my family. I'm really excited because Brian is coming with me this year!
What's on your April bucket list?


  1. I'm going to see my family this easter, too and I'm soo looking forward to it!!

  2. Oh the move sounds exciting, staying close to what you know but trying a new area! Hope the move goes well and doesn't cause too much hassle, as you have a lot of fun things planned for this month! :)

    Hope your Monday is going well and you are having a really good start to the week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Good luck with the move girl, can't wait to see how you design your new place!!


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