Solo Date Ideas

As someone who's been in the workforce since 2012 and lived with roommates all of her adult life, getting a day completely to myself is rare. When I do get the occasional day off - and by that I mean no work obligations, no social engagements, not even blog responsibilities! - I like to treat myself to a solo date. I really think that spending time with yourself and treating yourself is incredibly important. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one so why not spend a day pampering yourself and getting to know yourself better? Here are some ideas:

  • Netflix and Chill: Not the Tinder kind, but a real order-takeout-and-binge-watch-your-favorite-Netflix-show kind of night. I personally could do this ever night haha!
  • Try a Pinterest recipe: I pin so many recipes on Pinterest but I'm always afraid it's going to turn into a Pinterest Fail! That said, when there's no one to cook for and it's just yourself, the pressure is off and you can just have fun with it. Cooking is supposed to be fun and relaxing so give it a go.
  • Go to a farmer's market: Who can be in a bad mood at a farmer's market? Even when I don't buy anything, I love walking around fresh produce! 
  • Picnic: Sometimes when the weather is nice during the workday, I'll take my lunch and a good book and eat outside. I think I may just take out my picnic blanket some weekend or on a day off and pack a wholesome lunch and my Kindle and just picnic myself. There's certainly a lot of spots in the city to do so. 
  • Museum tour: I'm fortunate to live in a city where there are a ton of free museums. All of the Smithsonian institutes are free as well as a couple of other private galleries. I've lived in DC since 2008 and I still haven't been to all of the museums within this town (there are 17 Smithsonian museums and many more historical locations). I think I'm going to make it my mission to visit all of them.
  • Spa Day: I seriously love having a spa day! I will get all my nice facial products, put a bath bomb in my tub with a glass of wine, and give myself a pedicure! 
What are some of your solo date ideas?


  1. I love "solo" dates! I personally like to drink coffee in bed and read. It's so relaxing and a nice way to start my morning.


  2. Sometimes "me" time is the best time!

    xx Rebecca //

  3. The spa day option is my favorite, although when I don't have the money for that I'm always down for a Netflix marathon kinda day! Mad Men is my current fave!

  4. I actually really like going to a movie alone! This is rare, but if there is no one available or no one super interested in joining me, I just go alone. It's not like you talk during the movie anyway :)

    I also really like taking a bath and setting my computer up on the bathroom counter with Netflix on. I make it a whole pamper routine with candles, a scrub, a face mask, and some lush bath products.

    Finally, I really like doing something creative! Practicing hand lettering, making friendship bracelets (haha yup, I still do this!), painting, repotting succulents, anything that I can focus on fully OR do while watching a favourite show.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  5. I love a bit of a date with myself, it's a great way to relax, I like to spend a day reading when I can.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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  6. My favourite solo activities are staying at home and watching a film/series while eating something good, or going to the museum. I'm also lucky that in Paris there are plenty of free museums, I'm going back home in three weeks and I already know I'll spend all my time at the Louvre!
    You are absolutely right about treating oneself and having a good relationship with yourself - it's the most important, self-care is key!

    Julia x
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  7. I LOVE all of these. Great post. Sometimes I use a day off just to have time for myself. Though I will say spa days are so much fun with a friend!

  8. Cooking is actually so fun and I would love to cook more this summer! I love visiting cute little cafes on solo dates :)


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