World Refugee Day | Faux Wrap Dress and Tory Burch Robinson

Dress: H&M || Accessories: Kate Spade necklace, Tory Burch bag, LOFT sunglasses || Shoes: Michael Kors

Before I start this post, I'd like to apologize for the picture quality as I was having camera issues and was forced to use an iPhone camera. I'd also like to note that due to the nature of this particular post, I'm not including any affiliate links here today. 

Yesterday I attended two events on Capitol Hill for World Refugee Day. In his day job, Brian works at a non-profit that helps promote education for children (and especially girls) in developing countries so this event was more his scene than mine (I work with financial services), so I asked for his help writing this post. I hope you find this post informative about the refugee crises in the world today.


“Nobody is ever just a refugee. Nobody is ever just a single thing. And yet, in the public discourse today, we often speak of people as a single a thing. Refugee. Immigrant.”

– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
One of the most rewarding parts of my professional life is helping the advocacy efforts of organizations that work with refugees. Despite our current climate, I don’t think that supporting refugees should be a partisan issue. Anyone fleeing war, famine, and persecution should be welcomed with open arms.

June 20 was #WorldRefugeeDay, a chance to highlight the work that many organizations around the world are doing to assist refugees. To mark the day, Deborah and I attended two events at the U.S. Capitol. The first was a reception for the organization Girl Up. I’m proud to help advise Girl Up’s efforts to ensure Congress prioritizes refugee girls education in U.S. foreign policy.

We also attended a packed screening of Jon Stewart’s film After Spring, which gives viewers a glimpse inside one of the largest refugee camps in the world, Zaatari camp in Jordan. The camp opened in 2012 in what was then empty desert to house Syrians fleeing the civil war, and now houses 80,000 people - just a fraction of the 4.8 million Syrian refugees.

What can you do?
  •  Educate yourself: While After Spring is currently only screening in select areas, you can watch the documentary film Salam Neighbor on Netflix. This film also takes place in the Zaatari camp, and I guarantee you won’t be able to hear the story of Raouf without shedding a tear.
  • Support refugees in your community: There are more opportunities to do this than you might think - check out Welcoming Refugees. I also found a cool service here in DC called Foodhini, which lets you order meals delivered to your door that are cooked by refugee and immigrant chefs. Deborah and I love to try new ethnic foods, so this is definitely something we’ll be trying!
  • Donate: If you can’t donate to an organization working on the front lines of the refugee crisis, that’s ok! Use your voice to speak up. But if you can, more resources are desperately needed to meet the largest crisis since World War II. Here are a few groups I would recommend:

 If you want to know what else you can do get in touch with us!


  1. Beautifully written post. Thank you for highlighting such an important cause.

  2. LOVE THIS!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this and bring awareness! I love that you shared different ways that anyone can help! I also am impressed with these photos bc they really look good despite using an iPhone!

  4. This was so well-written. I didn't even know there was a World Refugee Day! I'll be watching Salam Neighbor tonight – too bad Foodhini is only available in DC. PS love your dress Deb!

  5. This is an amazing cause, lady! And loving this dress on you.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I love seeing post like these with a little bit of style sprinkled in! I love documentaries and will have to check out the one you mentioned! That dress fits you so well and that Tory purse has been on my want list for so long!
    xo, G

  7. Thank you so much for writing about this! It is very informative and this is a conversation not enough people are having. Such a great cause!!! xx

  8. This dress is soo pretty! Wrap dresses are my very favorite and you can't go wrong with this color for summer! Love the way you styled it!

  9. It's so incredible that you got to be a part of this! Thank you so much for sharing some really important resources with this post.

  10. Okay girl this is a POWER outfit!!!! I am considering buying a Tory bag right now for work myself!

    xoxo A

  11. You look fierce in that outfit! Wrap dresses are my favorite because they look polished and yet are still comfortable

  12. What a great and incredible cause! We all need to band together for this.

  13. This is AMAZING!! Great to show and bring awareness, plus you look amazing!!

  14. I'm glad you're keeping things real, especially about such an important topic <3

  15. Such an amazing post and pictures!!
    Mónica Sors

  16. So awesome that you got to be a part of this! You look awesome in these!

  17. Dear Deborah, you look fantastic in your wrap dress and I'm impressed about Brian's job. It is praisworthy that you visited these events and I think you are absolutely right with what you recommend in this context.
    xx Rena

  18. Such a pretty dress! I am obsessed with that color on you :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  19. This is such a cute dress! That color looks so amazing on you.

  20. What an amazing cause to be a part of! Also, I love this dress on you!! So cute.

  21. It's awesome Brian works with places that support refugees! :)

    There's a program here in Australia where you can volunteer to host a meal in your house to welcome refugees and I think it's beautiful! Once the boys are bigger I definitely want to do it, my friend sent me the link and it would be such a nice way to introduce a family to Australia and make friends. One of the playgroups we go to has services for refugees in the community so I've been able to find out what they need and help by donating things that way which is good too! Once you look it's easy to find ways to help, like you have shared in your post here :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  22. This is a very thoughtful and important post to make. You see, I had no idea it was World Refugee Day on the 20th - this gets talked about so rarely in the media, usually the only information there is about refugees is to point them out, not to highlight why it is important to be aware of the situation and why these people matter. Bryan's job must be so fulfilling, and I'm glad you've talked about his subject! :)

    Julia x
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  23. What a great and well wrote post! I'm absolutely obsessed with that dress, especially the color!


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