How Much My Face Costs

As I started to get a bit more budget-conscious and fill my home only with things that make me happy, I started to think about how much money I spend on my makeup and skincare routine. Listing out all of the products I use almost daily made me kind of depressed but I also know that skincare and beauty products are things that I actually enjoy and I would rather pay money for a good product that makes my skin happy. I've listed all of the products and makeup along with their prices. These are all things I use on a regular basis and I love them all. 

Grand Total: $417

I admit this is a lot of money to spend on my face (and I didn't even include the sheet masks I wear). I had to take a step back and remind myself I didn't buy all of these things at once and I don't replace all of these things at once either. I also had to re-remind myself that these products used together are a part of self-care. I love feeling good in my skin and it makes me happy so if that is the price I pay for that feeling, so be it. 

How much does your face cost?


  1. Im afraid to add it up!!!

    xx Rebecca

  2. WOW! I've never added it up but mine would be just as expensive... thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm too scared to add up the cost of my face! I will say that I like to stick more to drugstore products, but I love to splurge on higher end eyeliner, mascara and face powder.

  4. It's always so interesting to see these types of posts! I think because we usually buy skin care or makeup at different times, you don't realize how much it adds up-- I'm definitely with you on spending a bit more on products that you know will work.


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