Loose Leaf | Maxi Skirt and Graphic Tee

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Top: Urban Outfitters (old, similar here) || Bottoms: Forever 21 (old, similar here) || Accessories: H&M bag (similar here), Feisedy sunglasses, || Shoes: Target (old, similar here

I've been shopping my closet a lot more lately and found myself falling back in love with old pieces. Take this tee, for instance. I first bought this tee years ago my freshman year of college, in fact! It still serves as a great casual piece that's lightweight and comfortable.

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I've been talking about this a lot but I kind of want to lay this out for everyone that I am not letting this blog run my life. I LOVE blogging and I find it to be a fun and rewarding hobby but I fell into a trap where I was spending so much money on things that could only be worn once or twice but would be perfect "for the blog." The reason for some of my blogging breaks are because I start feeling overwhelmed when I have a closet full of "more clothes than I've ever seen anyone have" (according to my boyfriend) but feel I can't wear any of them because I've already worn it on my blog and it's impractical for my normal life. My blog always started because I wanted it to be a reflection of my style - the things I actually wear to work or to hang out with my friends, etc. If I want to be honest and authentic, I need to cut a lot of the crap in my closet and stick to pieces I truly love to wear. If I wear them on the blog more than once, so be it! I'm sure most people out there repeat outfits in real life. Why can't I as a blogger?

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  1. I totally feel you with buying things because they'd be perfect for the blog! When I go shopping I try to picture how I'd wear pieces in everyday life so I don't get sucked into just buying it for an OOTD post!

  2. Love your authenticity with your blog girl! I've stopped buying for the blog and became more strategic about what I buy. I love it when I saw blogger re-wear their stuff. I do it all the time! Plus, it gets you to be more creative! Super cute outfit girl!


  3. Makes total sense! I think it would be great if you could use the same piece in different outfits for different situations. Sometimes I struggle to figure out how to wear a piece in a different way than I immediately thought of, so getting some style inspiration from someone who wears something in different ways would be perfect. (Also, from a blogging perspective, then you can link to previous posts with that piece!)

    PS - SUPER cute outfit!

  4. I re-wear things all the time! Love this post & love your outfit =)

  5. I used to be guilty of the same thing. Buying unecessary clothes is an easy trap to fall into when we start a blog...
    I love this outfit, you styled this pleated skirt perfectly!


  6. Love your honestly. This is how I feel too! It's like impossible for me not to repeat an outfit, haha! I always try to find different ways to wear my items though if I can!

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