Summer BBQ | Floral Romper and Oversized Aviators

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Romper: Forever 21 (old, similar here) || Accessories: H&M sunglasses, Kate Spade bag, Kate Spade necklace (similar here) || Shoes: Sole Society Joesy

Last weekend I was invited to a barbecue and I pulled out my "I need something casual but cute" emergency outfit. I wore the crap out of this romper the last two summers and I don't see it going away any time soon! It's breezy and comfortable and I love dressing it up with a blazer or down for barbecues.

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On that subject, I recently learned that people from the Northeast call barbecues "cookouts." I actually never heard it being called that before and it made me think of other regional dialect term differences - kind of like how most parts of the country call it "soda" but in the Midwest it's called "pop" and in the South they call it "coke" (which is confusing to me because what if you want a Sprite instead? Do you say "I want a Sprite coke?" Can someone from that region help me out?)

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Do you call it a barbecue or a cookout? Or even better, do you call it something else entirely? Let me know in the comments!


  1. It is a beautiful romper (even though we call it a playsuit in the UK! And I say barbeque fyi) so I don't blame you for getting a lot of use out if it! I have certain items that are reliable like this is and I love them too. You look lovely!!
    Jenny xx

  2. I've never heard anyone call a BBQ "cookout" either, and calling pop "coke" is super weird haha! This floral romper is super cute, it's def one of those pieces that'll never go out of style!

    1. Ahh you call it pop? Is that a Toronto regional thing or a Canadian thing? Because Stateside it's usually Midwesterners who call it pop.
      Also, can you tell I'm fascinated by all these different terms? :]

  3. Hah, yes we say cookout in CT! Love this romper, those are my go-to as well.
    PS - loving on your last comment how you said you wanted a pup named Truman! I say do it :)
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  4. This is a super cute romper, no wonder you've worn it a lot! I'm not from the US so quite unfamiliar with the slang/regional differences there, so I'm with you on the coke thing - how do you signify that you want something else than Coca Cola? haha!

    Julia x


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